By stardustveins - 24/09/2015 01:14 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I was waiting in the McDonald's drive-thru and listening to some music. I was tapping my non-driving foot to the song when I accidentally tapped the wrong foot and rear ended the cop car in front of me. Whoops. FML
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cooltatgar 31

What was the song? Mr. happy feet

those people look like asshole but at least they don't end up in other people's.


Are you naturally this stupid or do you have to work hard at it?

You're so talented OP! Hopefully there wasn't much damage and they were understanding.

cooltatgar 31

What was the song? Mr. happy feet

Keep your car in neutral in drive thru's in future? Then you'll only rev the engine, and won't end up smashing forwards!

those people look like asshole but at least they don't end up in other people's.

katachristic 19

why was this thumbed down? it's the intelligent thing to do. I'll never understand why automatics don't shift into neutral when your speed is zero and you're not accelerating. stick shifts won't even allow you to stop in gear.

demonpuppeh 10

When stopping a manual your foot should be on the clutch until you reach a full stop and make sure that the gearshift is in neutral, then you take your foot off the clutch. However, you can leave the car in any gear while your foot is on the clutch while at a stop and the car is considered in gear, not in neutral, which means you can stop a manual in gear. Automatics don't switch into neutral because any movement makes the transmission spin which causes the transmission to overheat, damaging it. That's why it's bad to put an automatic into neutral while coasting. OP should have put the car into park instead.

#52 - still a problem with that statement.. she hit the accelerator so even if it doesn't allow you to move unless you accelerate? you have to accelerate to move either way.

Atleast the cops was fast on the scene!

The cop involved can't do anything. they have to call in someone else.

oops! well things happen hopefully the damage wasn't too bad. tap the wheel not the your feet when driving

but how!?! your non-driving foot is expected to hold clutch (unless you are not on neutral already) and the wrong foot just cannot be used to move the car... just how!?!

OP probably drives an automatic, like most people in the US. No clutch on those, and if you are in drive just taking your foot off the brake will make the car roll forward.

Like 90% of cars in North America are automatic. I drive a standard but very few of my friends do.

11 is from UK. Here the vast majority of cars are manual not automatic. Having said that, I understood straight away from reading the FML that OP must have been driving an automatic.

katachristic 19

yet another reason I should move to Europe

unless you have a car that was made in 1960. that isn't true

Road Rage in the drive thru, relax the coffee will still be hot, and taste like mud. Count to 10, next time before you ram them. YDI

I didn't know jamming to music equated to road rage #12