By Sam - 24/06/2011 04:46 - Canada

Today, I was working the drive-thru at McDonalds, and as I handed out a Diet coke to the customer, the man started growling and yelled "HULK SMASH!" He smashed the cup with two fists and drove off. I was drenched in soda. FML
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you gotta find the humor in this man, that's probably the funniest thing you'll ever see in a drive thru.


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don't worry we'll see it on YouTube.

11- it might appear on the art of trolling

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#1. thank you for making my day and reinforcing that the first post should never be lame-ass. ftfw!!

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Yup #11, it will show up as "Mcdonalds Hulk Smashing the drink on the drive thrue lady! Funny!"

there is a video on YouTube of this dude smashing a cup in te drive thru lolol

54, maybe you should check the gender sign again. OP is a man.

67 - Sam could also be a girls name. (Samantha)

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It could be a girls name, but the VERY obvious blue symbol if a circle and diagonal arrow shows that OP is a male.

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You're an idiot! 67 didn't remark on OP's name she remarked on the gender sign i.e. male. Christ!

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YDI for working at McDonalds xD

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LMFAO I'm a manager at a McDonalds and the worst that's happened to me was this lady throwing fries at me because I pointed out that she couldn't read what her receipt said. -__-

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144 - At least he's working...

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I can afford if cause iWork at mcdonalds!!!! hahahaha

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That's actually a funny story..could have been a hot coffee! Lucky!

if it was hot coffee wouldn't it hurt like he'll if you hulk smashed it

she is trying to say that the soda is better than the hot coffee

96- I think he was trying to say that it would be highly unlikely that it could have been hot coffee because the customer, having planned this, would have realized it would have hurt him too and not ordered hot coffee.

I know where this happened. St. Albert, Alberta. Look up St. Albert trick shots on YouTube and watch hulk smash.

that's what you get for trying to serve people that crap that mcdonalds calls food.

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you gotta find the humor in this man, that's probably the funniest thing you'll ever see in a drive thru.

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When I worked at a fast food restaurant we had a guy get out of the car from a long drive thru line and run around the parking lot naked!

Obviously you haven't heard of coning. :p

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Coning as defined by Urban Dictionary: The subtle act of inserting a pine cone, lubricated with mayonnaise, in the rectum, and then proceeding to moving it in and out of the rectum at a steady speed.

I don't even want to know how that applies to a drive-thru situation.

when I saw this I could see one of friends doing it... I literally laughed out loud then had a hypothetical relapse high five with myself ;)

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Cone-ing is were u grab an ice-cream cone by the ice cream, people faces r HILARIOUS!! uni-coneing sticking the cone on ur head! Lol done both

no see he's not 5 he's just a douchebag

Haha, it's order of operations. BEDMAS (Brackets Exponents Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction). I didn't learn that until grade 6, and yet a group of 8-year-olds know it so well that they are correcting the teacher?! Man, teaching in schools has certainly changed fast.

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yeah because five year olds can drive. where I am I see them drive 24/7

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it's actually PEMDAS Parentheses Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction

yes a five year old drives his car to mcdonalds, orders food, then crusshes the diet coke wit his fists. makes perfect sense :)

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hulk doesn't grow his muscles with diet he need all the calories he can get to stay that diesel

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So he payed to see that... Ahh well. you may need a shower and spare change, but you got 1.50$ out of the deal :D

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haven't you heard?! any size coke or other soft drink for only a buck!

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mcdonalds made 1.50, stupid.

If you didn't laugh, you cannot be human. Even covered in soda I would've laughed my ass off.

I must not be human either. I find it ignorant as well. hopefully this never happens in my drive thru. I wouldn't want to have to work the remainder of my shift covered in pop.

Oh come on, it's not something you see every day, would you not look back and find it funny?

at1325 cheer up a little and have some fun.

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I agree. thats hilarious and I would laugh too

Just because you dont see it everyday doesnt make it funny.

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Just picturing it in my head me laugh. I wish I would have seen it!

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I could (maybe) look back and think that it makes an interesting story but in the heat of the moment I'd be upset! I once had to work the rest of my bar shift covered in red wine and I was pissy until I went home to shower.

I agree. I would of been like WTF then laughed my ass off.

At first it would suck but the way I see it if it happened to me, it's a funny story later on you could tell people.

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I think it's funny how everyone thinks this person is a douchebagbl. come on now it's funny ad hell!

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@7 youre too stupid for words.

I swear, the amount of morons out there is making me lose faith in humanity.

livinia, I think you must be a boring person to not find that even slightly amusing...

I'm losing faith in humanity too, but not because of this FML. This one I like.

Funny for us, not so much the person covered in soda on a hot day who probably has 4-5 hours of shift left at least.

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True but wouldn't they let her go home. idk my guess if it's that bad.

Livinia, you DO know your supposed to laugh at these right?

I agree. Although this made me laugh.

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you look like a fag in your picture 43 if your going to flex in your picture at least get bigger first. you look ******* stupid

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the voting down of your comment is representative of the age, intelligence and lack of empathy of people on fml. something is funny, therefore some innocent person putting up with working minimum wage at a job they most likely hate should just accept having their day made 10x worse because everyone who isnt them thinks itd be funny to see...pffft **** you all. something tells me that despite their protesting otherwise, the majority of these people would have a massive bitch fit if this was them. hope you took down a license plate number and took whatever revenge you felt was necessary OP.

then jump off a cliff... ****** emo ****

At least he ordered Diet. If it were regular soda, you'd have been sticky from the sugar.

I would have been pissed- only bc I didn't think of it first.

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I didn't think of cone-ing mcdonalds first but I did it anyway. funniest thing ever.