By Sam - Canada
Today, I was working the drive-thru at McDonalds, and as I handed out a Diet coke to the customer, the man started growling and yelled "HULK SMASH!" He smashed the cup with two fists and drove off. I was drenched in soda. FML
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  cobralove69  |  2

LMFAO I'm a manager at a McDonalds and the worst that's happened to me was this lady throwing fries at me because I pointed out that she couldn't read what her receipt said. -__-

  MurphyS94  |  4

96- I think he was trying to say that it would be highly unlikely that it could have been hot coffee because the customer, having planned this, would have realized it would have hurt him too and not ordered hot coffee.

  sxe_beast  |  11

Coning as defined by Urban Dictionary: The subtle act of inserting a pine cone, lubricated with mayonnaise, in the rectum, and then proceeding to moving it in and out of the rectum at a steady speed.

  mooshibear140  |  4

Haha, it's order of operations. BEDMAS (Brackets Exponents Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction). I didn't learn that until grade 6, and yet a group of 8-year-olds know it so well that they are correcting the teacher?! Man, teaching in schools has certainly changed fast.

  at1325  |  0

I must not be human either. I find it ignorant as well. hopefully this never happens in my drive thru. I wouldn't want to have to work the remainder of my shift covered in pop.

  sourgirl101  |  28

I could (maybe) look back and think that it makes an interesting story but in the heat of the moment I'd be upset! I once had to work the rest of my bar shift covered in red wine and I was pissy until I went home to shower.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

the voting down of your comment is representative of the age, intelligence and lack of empathy of people on fml.
something is funny, therefore some innocent person putting up with working minimum wage at a job they most likely hate should just accept having their day made 10x worse because everyone who isnt them thinks itd be funny to see...pffft fuck you all.
something tells me that despite their protesting otherwise, the majority of these people would have a massive bitch fit if this was them. hope you took down a license plate number and took whatever revenge you felt was necessary OP.