By viperplay53 - 12/08/2011 05:26 - United States

Today, while working at a McDonald's drive-through, some dicks decided to pull a "fire in the hole" prank. Granted, it has been done to me before, this time was different. These pleasant people decided to use hot coffee. FML
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that's assault, i hope you wrote down their license plate.

Dude that sucks. I work in fast food too and know how horrible people can be.



How is one "ha" better than fifty?

what flavor coffee?

52, less is more when you use Charmin.

I'm missunderstanding the part that makes them dicks...

-7 I like the part he said "ha"

Serves you right for working at McDonalds..

Why do drive through people get abused so often?! Everyone that pulls those stunts, are dicks.

You're a douchebag 132.

132, you obviously like McDonald's seeing how you say you live there. Oh, and those shorts don't make your ass look nice. They make you look even fatter than you already are. Pull them up fatty, no one wants to see your crack.

156: I don't think that's the commenter in the picture...

Dude that sucks. I work in fast food too and know how horrible people can be.

Seriously, I mean some people should be euthanized. Poor op was just doing his/her job, contributing to society

They're dipshits.I mean come on who throws hot coffee at someone? They could get injured.

lol @ fast food people "contributing to society"

24- pro comment.

Working at a fast food restaurant has caused me to lose faith in humanity

If they were in a moving vehicle while Doing this I'm pretty impressed the shot went in that little sliding door. If i was going to do this... My fire in the hole would be a few books on how to speak clearly into a microphone

24- If McDonalds, or any fast food chain, were to shut down, a lot of people would become upset and hungry. So I don't really see how they aren't contributing. Lol @ ignorant fuckwads.

# 106 they're other healthier options than fast food restaurants. No wondering America is the fattest country.

109- As of 2011 The USA isn't the fattest nation. I think they actually rank #3.

hahahaha yeaahh that title would have to go to Australia .... LOL

Dear Assholes, Gtfo with your douchebaggotry. Stick to coning. It's harmless and completely painless and might actually plaster a couple smiles on people's faces instead of third degree burns and lost faith in humanity. -.- Sincerely, Future Life-long McDonald's Employee

Better than sitting at home collecting welfare, moron.

I work in Belgian fast-food as well. Did the drive through a few times as well. But I never got assaulted in any way... maybe because people have to be 18 to drive. Maybe because we have less morons. I don't know. I'm just glad the worst 'people' I have to deal with are the ones that speak dutch badly.

Wtf is a fire in the hole? Sorry if I don't get your lingo, you fucking hooligan.

that's assault, i hope you wrote down their license plate.

I don't get it... ?

The customers throw things into the window.OP got hit coffee thrown at them.

Shit.Wrong comment.

Babbii, FML is not a place for 8 year olds so can you please do us all a favor and either delete your account or stop saying you don't understand? Thanks.

I didn't understand either, and I am definitely not 8 years old. Ever considered that 'Babbii' might be foreign? I swear, FML is so full of ignoramuses, it's not even normal anymore.

bitch much 68? I'm 20 and don't know what that meant. but I googled it.:D

I didn't know what it was either and I like what 71 says u bitch

Fire in the hole = Go through a drive thru and order a drink. When they give you the drink you throw it back through the window they handed it to you from - at them and yell "fire in the hole" a lot of YouTube videos on it if you want to see.

Guess she wasn't down for the hot, wet and sticky action then..

fire in the hole is when you throw your drink back in the drive thru window at the employee and yell "fire in the hole" and drive away laughing

Ohh. Thats what I was thinking :) hehe thanks! :D

Yea very much so.

Do u suck ;)???

Hey! I'm a people! I don't suck. Well, at least not yet. :)

You are cute!! :)

17 you're so pretty

120 is actually talking to 20

doing a fire in the hole to someone who works in a fast food restaraunt is like kicking a hobo their life sucks enough

Kicking a hobo their life sucks?