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Today, I told my boyfriend about my foot phobia. To help me "get over it", he took his socks off, pinned me down, and rubbed his foot against my face until I started sobbing. FML
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I woulda punched him in his face.


PuppiesFTW 5

My brother's girlfriend has foot phobia.... But he never did that to her. So yeah fyl.

Ha, well, I dated a girl once who hated feet and I would lightly "torment" her as a joke; like tickling someone. He went a bit too far though ha ha. FYL.

I HATE being tickled and would not be at all amused by someone doing that to me. Things like that tend to only be funny from one person's point of view.

He must be very flexible to be able to pin you down, whilst rubbing his feet in your face. I can definitely see the advantages of this...

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Hey Gramardam. Nice picture. Bleach FTW.

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He took the sock off of his foot first. Teread the post.

Jazzalyn 10

*looks closer at pic* Oooh! FTW indeed.

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Aw! That sucks! Why do feet scare you? Just wondering. Did it help? :-)

0opsie 6

Some people just have weird phobias and they're not sure why it scares them. A phobia is an extreme, irrational fear; and there's not always a clear reason behind it.

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I have the same phobia. We don't know why, but feet disgust us. I wear socks all the time. I don't feel comfortable barefoot. Even my own feet disgust me. it's weird, but.. idk I can't explain it.

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Well im not really afraid of anything since I know that death is the worst and not fearong that is what helps you get over everything else. and no its not emo it would if you would like to die or cause harm to yourself. But I definately would never do that to my girlfriend and if she started sobbing I would know that either i would have to pay her back by going out to dinner, letting her get revenge, etc. or I would not be her boyfriend anymore. Plus to the above comment foot phobia is wierd but who knows what happened in their life so...

ohh my I am scared of feet too! idk they just grose the shit out of me!!! I would have slapped his ass haha

crazycrackah101 0

woahh yah are wierdd. I love being barefoot!(:

#47 Good God... The English language has been sucessfully massacred.

#60 death is not the worst , people are not actually afraid of death , they are afraid of what comes after it .

I am afraid of throw up, when people do it when I do and everything. it's called emetphobia and it's the worst thing ever to be afraid of something that everybody including yourself does :( but phobias usually become phobias cuz of something traumatic that involved ur fear that has happened to u. it's unexplainable and it sucks

What's with all these people being afraid of feet!? it's part of your body. I guess I don't understand but it just seems SO weird to me. What if you were afraid of your face?

btnhdude 0

some of them are probably saying they're scared of feet too because somebody said commented that they also have a phobia of feet

Person000 0

to the previous comment about death. You better be damn afraid if death. I don't wanna bash religion but I think it was made up by people afraid to face the reality of science. think about dying, you never come back you spend eternity rotting. FOREVER. It doesn't end ever. that's kind of a reason I don't know if I believe in heaven. Do you spend eternity in heaven? it never ever ends.

Good grief. You are functionally illiterate.

#101, you might need help. If you don't believe in an afterlife, what is there to fear? You'll be dead. You won't feel anything or care about rotting.

caits13 0

i have emetophobia too- fear of seeing people vomit.

crazycrackah101 0

yea 86 i have the same thing im like deathly afraid of people throwing up even when animals do it i run the other direction. i guess i just hate the whole idea and it grosses me out and i just perfer not to be around it and when i think someones going to i get the heck outta there. and i also hate when i do it and i havent thrown up for about the last 10 years.

@101: Religion wasn't made up by people "afraid to face the reality of science," religion began BEFORE science because it was the only real way to make sense of the world. Also, you don't spend eternity rotting. The minerals that make up your body become parts of other living organisms. It's called "conservation of matter."

so I'm not the only one who is afraid of throw up? oh man I'm glad to hear that I thought I was crazy

Liddy514 3

@ #101. Agreed. However, that is a person's personal point of view whether they believe in the hereafter or not. Science has indeed been proven, but faith is a belief.

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Haha, wow, there are two conversations going on here, one about death and the afterlife, one about vomit phobia. On an FML about a cruel boyfriend. Delightfully random.

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Bonita4301: Please don't type "lyk dis"

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47- your an idiott i hate the way you talk

Vomit phobia here too! Ugh I hate it so much >.

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ! You poor thing. How gross is that >>>

most definitely agree. op, ydi for staying with a douchbag bf

Imagine she had a penis phobia. Cant imagine what kind of cockslap scene would've taken place.