By coffeeburns - United States
Today, I was at a Starbucks drive-thru and was grabbing a hot coffee when I got rear ended and my car hit the vehicle in front of me which deployed my airbag. Hot coffee can really burn when it hits your face at a high rate of speed. FML
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  mingocoto08  |  0

WTF?! You need airbags in cars to safe lives, you dummy. I definitely know you're one of those individuals that will die in the future in a car accident if you aren't careful.

  cxal_fml  |  0

if you are under 5'6 you are more endanger from serious injury dying due to airbag deployment than you are from dying to a car crash. Thats why cars manufactured today either have to have a lock to turn the airbag off, or have a computerized feature that won't deploy the airbag when your seat is within so many inches of the steering wheel

Many people have died because airbags deployed in minor accidents

  iBimmer  |  0

You guys take all the FML's pretty seriously, most of them are fake, including this one.

Airbags don't open that easily. You were in a drive-thru damn it, the "rate of speed" of the 'imaginary' car behind the OP's wouldn't have exceeded 5mph.

This one SCREAMS FAKE. Off to another FML, a real one.

PS. who said I click YDI? It's possible to comment without voting you know. Magic eh?

  musu_fml  |  0

I tend to agree; this one is either fake, or the OP is an idiot.

Argument for it being fake: an airbag won't go off for a minor fender bump, which is all that should have occurred if the OP had their handbrake on like they should have.

Argument for the OP being an idiot: perhaps he didn't have his handbrake on after all.

By  elara15  |  0

A part of me wants to say, YDI for drinking Starbucks (especially when they overroast the beans in their coffee). You should know by now the sort of jerks who'd be in your line. But then again, no matter the brand, hot coffee all burns. Sorry, man.