By GeeLoftus - United States - Secaucus
Today, I've been calling my pet snake "Mr. Snake" for two years now. I decided to look up the name, and boy do I regret it. It turns out Mr. Snake is a porn site. I've named my snake after porn and have been introducing him to family with that name for two years. FML
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By  Feklfekl2222  |  32

I'm surprised you didn't already realise that's a pretty euphemistic name... But if your family is all fairly innocent, and hasn't already laughed at the name at some point, it seems unlikely that they've visited this obscure porn site

  taterrtots  |  25

yeah exactly, while lacking creativity i don't think your snake's name is really anything to worry about unless your family members know about that specific porn site, which would be just as awkward.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I don't even understand why you would look up the name to see what it means? It's not like it's a name that has some old English meaning. Seems a bit weird to me that you even bothered. And I wouldn't worry about the porn name. If any of the family members go to the porn site and laugh when you call him that, then you can just laugh at the fact they watch it and have their mind in the gutter when you introduce your snake.

By  bwinski  |  19

If you took every FML submitted and put them into a list and included this one, then I think an argument could be made that this is probably the least bad/tragic FML ever posted. I doubt your family knows about the site or much less cares about it...