By somefamily - 26/04/2012 07:11 - United States - Wayne

Today, I found out that I've been calling my boyfriend's dad by the wrong name for the past two years. No one had told me sooner because they liked laughing at me for it when I wasn't around. FML
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Well at least he wasn't necessarily offended right?

OP: "Hi Alejandro!" Bf's mom: "Shh, Steve just play along"


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19, if you're going to thread jack at least make it good. 27, who cares let them get thumbed down. :)

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She did make it good. She had a point.

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^ya her face is a flashlight.

Well at least he wasn't necessarily offended right?

Have the last laugh - keep calling him by the wrong name.

Call him by the right name and say, "Oops! I don't know why I called you by that name. I was around my friend the other day with that name. Isn't that the ugliest name you've ever heard?"

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The other day? More like the past 2 years...

At least they have a sense of humor about it. Better than him getting pissed off!

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Well if no one bothered to tell you, you shouldn't be embarassed because it's their fault!

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Well, you stuck around two years. It can't be that big a deal. Laugh it off:)

It would actually be less of a big deal if it was a few days or weeks.

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Atleast they have a sense of humour :)

Your boyfriend's family sounds like a bunch of winners. I hope he's not like that at least.

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who doesnt want to be a winner you are probably trying to spell weiner or whinner im younger than you maybe im just a gramar nazi dont look at my birth its fake

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36- What? First, it's spelled "wiener." Also, what does "whinner" mean? "Winner" was the correct word, and you're not a "Grammar Nazi," obviously. Unless you're just a troll.

I think whiner is a person who whines a lot

36- I meant to say winners. Apparently my sarcasm is lost on you. Btw, thanks for using your first post to comment on mine. I'm honoured.

36 is wondering why 9 hopes OP's boyfriend is not like his winner family.

OP: "Hi Alejandro!" Bf's mom: "Shh, Steve just play along"