By Anonymous - 22/07/2015 11:52 - United States - Garland

Today, while on my Dad's computer, I looked through the browser history to find the name of a website I'd visited on it the other day. I soon found out he watches a staggering amount of downright frightening incest porn. I'm disturbed on so many levels. FML
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Serves you right for searching someone else's browser history! Hahaha

Never look through someone else's browser history. I learned my lesson the hard way too.


I literally just wrote an fml almost exactly like this an hour ago. People are going to think I stole it

Serves you right for searching someone else's browser history! Hahaha

I incest she never does that again.

I incest that you talk to your mom about it.

I insist that we stop making these puns now.

zeusdom 15

I don't get how it's her fault when her dad obviously knows more than just himself uses the computer and she was just trying to find a site she visited the other day, not snooping through his stuff

Ted_brosby 4

OP said dad's Computer.

BlockOfRedStone 25

She said a staggering amount, but honestly he probably didn't actually watch that much. I sometimes visit 5 different websites and 20 different videos until I find the best video to Finish to (usually if it's not that good I leave after the first 10 seconds, so I wouldn't count that as watching the video). It could be that every link she saw was from a single masturbation session.

omgitsmoe 26

Teach him how to clear his history, it's better late than never :3

I even didn't know incest **** existed!

Rule 34: If you can think of it, there's **** of it.

#6, the first thing I thought of were the minions. *shutters* Dear god, I hope that's not a thing.

It's a thing

I've seen lots of weird minion ****

PePziNL 20

Minion **** is the weirdest you can think of? Oh my sweet summer child...

If two girls eating poop out of a cup can exist, then incest **** should not be a big surprise.

let's not forget rule 35: if **** of it doesn't exist yet, it will.

nightmare314 10

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#74: because verbiage is so important ?

They never said it was the weirdest. It was just the first thing they thought of.

I mean, computer-animated Shrek **** went viral on YouTube. Incest **** isn't even the tip of the iceberg.

dannnngthatsux 19

#4 8/Chloe. Of course they do! You avoid pollution that way!

krazayman 18

im not into it but there is even amputee ****. people scare me knowing they get off to stuff like that

Is it nice under that cave?

Never go on the dark web.

Rocket___Candy 24

You may want to stay clear of your dad for a few days OP...... All jokes aside that's super awkward and I'm sorry you had to see that!

your dad sounds a good explorer


Never look through someone else's browser history. I learned my lesson the hard way too.

I see what you did there.

Hard way? Wink wok.

kayana153 18

That's very gross! Even so, never look through someone's browser history unless you can deal with what you see.

bigdfootball97 24

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ChloeMeyers_Xo 16

I'm assuming you're the same guy who thinks Texans ride their horses to school?

Why wouldn't you? Us Canadians ride our polar bears to work. It's a lot friendlier for the environment, and keeps the bears exercised.

Right! its the same for us Aussies with the Kangaroos.

I ride my Moose instead, its kinda like a diesel, you get better miles for less food and the fuel is about the same

JustinJK 21

In Cleveland we ride old tires down the oil sludge ridden rivers and get piggy back rides from homeless people the rest of the way.

In Illinois we ride tractors everywhere. There's nothing but corn here so..

I'm originally from Wisconsin so I ride a deer everywhere.

In India, we ride the cows everywhere. We never get stuck in traffic too. Win Win.

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Oh, in South Africa I just ride my pet lion. He can be a bit moody at times, but then I just take the giraffe instead. I'm totally rich like that. I have TWO of my own means of transportation. And that's not even counting the elephants in my garden. My roses aren't too happy about that.

Strange here in Germany we ride cars >_>

Here in Pennsylvania we ride dairy cows to work.

Don't forget about us in the Middle East riding our camels to our oil reserves!

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In New York we ride in cars. Except for NYC, over there no one rides in cars because there's too many cars.

In NJ we drive cars, but we do so at Mach 5.

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Yes I'm sure OP will get right on that.