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By  Glowworm56  |  25

"Oh hi, human. I brought you a noodle. Just be careful, it's still alive. A little bit to the head should do it though. Also, please eat it in front of me once you've finished killing it. It would make me very happy."

By  CoyoteOldOne  |  17

You should consider keeping the snake and getting rid of the cat. They're quiet, and they only eat and poop every few weeks. You don't have to clean a litterbox, they don't scratch up the furniture, and they don't get hair all over your clothes.

By  Seymore Collins  |  7

I'm not sure how this is a "FML" and why people agree your life sucks. He was very proud to have caught a snake and brought it to you for recognition/pets. Do you know how terrified cats are of snakes? Terrified enough to freak out when they see a cucumber. Instead of making this all about you, give him a treat and go "nice job you brave protector of me, terrible snake could have bitten my face off!" and then give him the love and attention he so rightly deserves.