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Today, I turned in an overdue English assignment at college. My instructor accused me of plagiarism, writing that my sentence structure was "TO" good. Seriously? FML
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I'm fairly positive that due to the quotation marks OP's professor was the one who used the wrong form.


Wow at least your smart.

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Yea. OP at least you know you write very well.

Bit hard to feel good about your writing when you could potentially be kicked out of university for it.

Will I one day read an FML without any "At least ..." comments?

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I'd be happy. Since he doesn't expect much from you, you should be able to get a better grade without much work.

Be prepared to give long explanations and every paper you write should be as good

Be thankful he took your paper. OP must be a freshman, because late work just doesn't fly the farther you get into college.

I agree with his teacher. Example: It's, 'too good.' not, "to good.", as written by OP.

Exactly 71. That grammatical error was so blaringly obvious, the entire fml lost its credibility.

71/77, that was a quote from the professor, not the OP. Thats why it's a FML, because the professor himself can't write, or so it seems.

Really guys, it is blindingly obvious that it's a direct quote of the professor. What the hell do you think the quotation marks are for? The horrific literacy failure here is solely your own.

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23 - At least once

Woah she edited it ad capitalized the,"TO" :o.

Well that's "TO" bad

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70, 85, if you're going to correct grammar, do it right. It is "AN" FML because "F" has a vowel SOUND. The consonants f, h, l, m, n, and r are all preceded by the article "an" instead of "a" due to starting with a vowel sound even though they are consonants. Also, to those of you correcting OP's use of "to"...OP was obviously quoting their professor's use of the word; hence the quotation marks. Think before you take the energy to post something criticizing others' mistakes.

115, if you're going to try and correct someone, make sure to read their comment first. I wasn't correcting grammar, I was correcting the people who thought OP said "to good". Otherwise you might look dumb. But it's ok, I don't hold grudges.

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lets keep this party going .. grammer sucks

So I'm supposed to say: An hotel An lemon An mango An fast food restaurant None of those sound correct.

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^ in those cases, no. Only if the letter has a VOWEL SOUND, as they clearly stated above. If you were to say "that word has an F in it" you wouldn't say "a f" because F is pronounced EFF, which has the "E" sound at the beginning. & e is a vowel.

85 didn't say anything wrong

English has "to" many exceptions.

Am I the only one who understood that #1 was joking by spelling it "your"? It was a good first post, for once.

Marcella1016 31

85/137, I was referring to you erroneously saying "a FML." I don't consider myself a "grammar nazi" but it's a little annoying when people correct others but are wrong. Most of the annoyance was at 70, though, not you. They "corrected" someone by telling them to say "a FML" -_- And I thought #1's comment was funny, too...some people just didn't get it lol

193, I get what you're saying, I do. However I corrected no one, which makes your statement false xP. Anyway yea the a was a typo that I overlooked. When I typed that I was walking to class and talking to a looking at the keyboard was kind of at the bottom of my priority list.

He was pointing out that the teacher wrote "to" instead of "too." The teacher made the mistake, not the student.

115 the only circumstances in which your lengthly grammar correction make any sense is when you are saying just a letter. You may have meant that but you should be more specific. Examples: a noun, A foot, a mountain, a mouse, a lake, a moose, a rat, a heart, etc. Ps. You forgot Letters "s" and"x" in your list

nope. it's 'an FML'

that's because they're not shithead

no, because there is no circumstance in which an 's' at the beginning of a word would e pronounced with a vowel sound.

Well, you DID just use the wrong 'too'

I'm fairly positive that due to the quotation marks OP's professor was the one who used the wrong form.

Not sure if joking, or acctually retarded

....I don't know what to ill just say..please re read this fml, thanks c:

2 is pretty so I don't want to make fun of her. But she's making it so difficult

16 pull your hand out of your pants.

Oh my. Caught red handed

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well #'6 as much as I hate grammar gestapo's when the ENGLISH professor "said" that it would be in the "too" form so unless he/She wrote it down as that then I'm sorry to say it's op that said it wrong.

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How come the hot girls are generally the most stupid?

124 - you are an even bigger idiot. congratulations !

124 what..... are you even saying... First of an 's implies possession. Secondly and I'll restate the previous what are you talking about

Oh so they fail at grammar AND don't know how to read. Do us all a favor and don't reproduce.

Wow. I've never seen so many fucking stupid people comment on one reply. Wow. Just wow.

All of you are dumb. I'm going to make it very clear. The professor used the wrong form of "to" not OP. Also, what are you people talking about? This girls is not even close to hot.

#6 no, pretty sure OP is just so good at English, the words change themselves so they aren't so perfect all the time.

You're way TOO retarded to be on FML

It literally says the word 'writing'. All you have to do is READ the FML.

Srsly...what the crap?

Vry srsly...... You go to special school?

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this is weird. the post originally said "to good" but now they changed it to "TO" good

Do not feed the troll.

Apparently no one understood it the other way it was written...

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why does my comment have three thumbs down, I'm just stating the obvious..

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Sometimes the FML gods will change the text to make things more obvious to those total idiots who didn't understand the original text. Clearly that attempt failed, through no fault of the FML mods... sigh...

Wow I had that happen to me before, I told my instructor I thought he was jealous because he couldn't write something so good.

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Well, they're an instructor so at one point they would've been able to, if not, still can write.

I once had an English teacher who thought there were no exceptions to the rule that punctuation marks go inside quotation marks. I believe he's never been to England or used a quote in a question.

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Unleash the Krak.... Grammar Nazi "write well", not "write good".

it's "too" obviously u plagiarized if u can't use the right too

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If you want to prove that it isn't plagiarized then google search the phrases. If nothing comes up exact then you make your point. If your exact phrases do come up, well know. But definitely FYL for your professor correcting and using the wrong form of "to".

*see comment above, read replies, slap yourself.*

He was quoting the professor! Honestly.

He was quoting the professor! Honestly.

wait you don't get to change your comment to cover up your stupiduty and make me look dumb. I call foul.

dcg1375 7

Yes I do. Hence the edit time window. Besides the first time I read it I thought they made the spelling error. Then I read another comment that enlightened the fact the professor made the spelling error. So, I do what I want! :)

"If you want to prove that it isn't plagiarized then google search the phrases. If nothing comes up exact then you make your point. If your exact phrases do come up, well know." But isn't it a little bit fucked-up if a student needs to prove he's honest? I once read an essay from a pupil that was, yeah, too good for his age. I googled some sentences and huppah, there it was, almost exactly the same essay. I printed it and gave it to him, together with his zero. That's the way it should be, not the other way around.

dcg1375 7

I totally agree. I don't think the student should have to prove their honesty. But since the professor already accused OP of plagiarism then OP should dispute it. My girlfriend is a professor. She would never accuse a student without doing her own investigating. In which she's done the same thing, googled and found the essay word for word. Ending in the student receiving a zero.

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What in the world is an OP i feel so stupid for asking this!

OP = Original Poster, the person who wrote the FML.

I agree. It is the professor's job to find proof of plagiarism instead of throwing accusations that could possibly harm a student's academic career for good.

Mabe ur prof expected u 2 rite lik this. Maybe I'm wrong about grammar still being important. Maybe all the anti-Grammar Nazis are right! *head asplode*

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They did a study somewhere anyways where all you have to do is hvae the fsirt and lsat letetr in the rghit pclae and you can raed it jsut as fsat. So you grammar nazis are fighting a losing battle

Not everyone can, especially those that read phonetically

And that is not grammar; that's spelling. So spelling Nazis would be a more accurate moniker.

69- go google grammar.... Dumb ass.

RedPillSucks 31

@69 TO is not misspelled. There is actually a word with that spelling, so grammar is the correct term. Wait doc, is it "anti grammar" nazi, or anti "grammar nazi"??? *head explodes*

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Say "you're mom was too good last night" in front of the whole class, and then walk out with intense swagger.

je_suis_fml 11

So, he should say: "you are mom was too good last night"? No swag there.. my apologies.

He's using the same mistake pattern as the teacher.. Way to toss that over your head, derp.

judging by the incorrect grammar displayed in this post (to), i'm not surprised your instructor assumed that.

*see all comments above, repeat my first instructions*

Find a more witty comeback?

# 56, go easy. At least they didn't say "Fuck of"

Lucky he even considered your "overdue" assignment.

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He would've been better off not turning it in than turning in something the professor considers plagiarized

Agree with above. If the professor pursues his accusal of plagiarism the student could get expelled, whether or not evidence is substantial. At least according to my university's policy. (Pending the advocation of the department chair, if a professor believes a student's work to be plagiarized based on published works, the work of a peer, or untestified quotations and proof, the accumulated credits shall be null and void.)

So 61 should OP just not turn in anything all year? Obviously if they write that well, the professor is going to think all of their work is plagerized.