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Today, I got cited for "internet plagiarism" and called to the dean's office. I'd been sitting a closed-book written exam, and my teacher had been breathing down my neck the whole time. FML
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Did you try to hit undo when you were called to the office?

School system for you. They take plagiarism seriously.


apparently. hopefully you can explain to the dean what happened.

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You are either The Flash or you know how to use the power of Inception...

Did you try to hit undo when you were called to the office?

What the heck is wrong with FML lately that the most innocuous comments are given too many down votes??? Why are people "voting" on a comment like this at all? This is getting ridiculous.

i totally agree. no offense but many people on this site are aholes

School system for you. They take plagiarism seriously.

Reproductive system as well. There's a reason incest doesn't work.

That was a stretch, 121-second remorse.

Wow and these are the people educating the youth nowadays... Fantastic. At least some higher authority or decision board will (hopefully) laugh off that citation soon enough

My English & Grammar Professor's English was so bad that I was correcting HER English on my completed course paper. GREAT systems we have!

That comment was deep and insightful. It really added a new layer of depth to the conversation. Even your brilliant use of spelling was pure creative genius. I never knew one word could possess so many of the same vowel.

16, What about monsoon? Mongoose? I could go on, but your scathing sarcasm was great up until that point !

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Floccinaucinihilipilification. 9 i's.

What exactly does that word even mean? Lol I know I could just look it up (honestly I probably will eventually), but I'm curious if it a word you actually knew of the top of your head 38, or if you went looking for a retort to the conversation above you lol

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What have you done to upset the teacher?

You should not have to fear your teachers. They are supposed to be there to support you.

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Students should not fear their teachers. Teachers should fear there students. V

13 never said that OP was afraid of their teacher or that they should or shouldn't be. 13 is just assuming OP did something wrong that the teacher is upset about, which isn't a bad assumption seeing as OP was sent to the dean's office

Ohh yes, they are there to support you if your race is Malay, and/ or you have a fortune to bribe the teachers. Government knows about this issue for years. Yet nothing has been done. That is how corrupted Malaysia education system is.

How dare you memorize what the books said word for word! On a serious note, I hope you can report her for that.

Or him. Don't know the teacher's gender.

It really does sound like the teacher has it in for you. It isn't a hard one to fight, but if the Dean sides with the teacher, it may be impossible to win. Sadly, that may be what happens.

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Wouldn't dismiss the teacher's claims, because one of my classmates actually did just that. He took essays from the internet, and memorized them word for word. He was incredibly bad at English (I live in Germany), so whenever we had a test coming up, he'd look up essays on whatever topic we were discussing and memorized them. Our teacher was pretty confused what to do about it when he found out, since it still IS plagiarism but takes a lot more effort than just writing a decent essay in the first place. I highly doubt anyone would accuse OP of plagiarism if they had no proof whatsoever. You don't have to actively sit there with the source materal during the exam for something to be consideded plagiarism.

Here's a simple test for plagiarism: Google the phrases in question. If they are indeed plagiarized (even if several words have been changed), you'll get the original source. I've also had students 'memorize' an essay from the internet and try to use it in class. They usually garble it badly.

Many teachers are receiving a software that highlights all plagiarized content even if words have been replaced or switched around and will give a source. Our history teacher ran all essays through it, supposedly.

Hopefully your dean isn't as dumb as you're teacher.

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sadly the teachers seem to be smarter then the dean be afraid very afraid

That was the wrong your for the teacher. Lol did you also have their teacher because a dumb teacher leads to a dumb student. Lol