By holly10350 - 14/10/2010 03:08 - United States

Today, I allowed my friend to practice driving in my car. As she began to let the car roll forward, she looked at me and very seriously asked, "Brakes is the right pedal, right?" FML
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karmaslave 5

She's learning to drive, of course she doesn't know yet. Sounds like she could use a less condescending friend!

KiwiExchange 16

it's girls like her that make guys want to say sexist jokes.


MrLefty 8

not for long. but on the topic of the FML, OP, DON'T let you friend drive your car! if you do, then both of you are idiots

FFML_314 11

It's not like she couldn't learn really fast.

chaos, I think you need to switch to decaf.

JayColt 0

wow. it's unfortunate that you are making up am excuse for something we learn at 8 years old. everybody knows what peddle is the brake. FAIL

nomudkips 4

I thought most people figured it all out from watching other people drive.

I tend not to look at the driver's feet obnoxiusly while in the car...

I don't know which pedal * is the brake..

I really don't understand how this is a "FML" situation. If the car was wrecked, I'd see the need. Otherwise, you just have some pretty simple minded friends. Their simple mind has no effect on the outcome of your family, career choices, etc. This wasn't even funny.

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dudeitsdanny 9

Learn what sarcasm is. I don't see the sarcasm. Maybe it was a jooooke. Maybe it was situational irony if you're a girl(can't tell from my ipod). But that was not sarcasm. Go have the guy that taught Peter Griffin about it teach you.

Gotta say i've seen equal amounts of bad driving from both sexes. All I know is, if you're a male my age, your insurance will be higher than mine because of your gender. I highly doubt that my insurance is lower because I'm more likely to be a bad driver.

Actually the reason females insurance is lower than males is because males are more likely to drive at high speeds therefore causing more damage when they actually crash, they usually crash because they overestimate their skills and then lose control while females are more likely to just do something stupid and crash, but usually at a lower speed so it doesn't cause as much damage, if any at all depending on what kind of stupid thing it was. I've nearly been hit by many females...there have been a couple of males as well but the majority are females. Thats not saying my driving is perfect or anything. Besides its easier to avoid a female doing something stupid than a guy driving way over the speed limit...yes?

kimmykimkim 0

i agree. women shouldn't need their drivers license :) we don't need them because there isn't a highway from the bedroom to the kitchen :)

dudeitsdanny 9

I've seen equal amounts gender-wise, really. BUT Asians and old people have given me horrible experiences. I've only been in one accident, though, and it was a middle-aged semi driver not looking before merging. Both genders are equally bad, but we, men, create the stereotypes so women lose. I actually know girls who got a perfect score in their driving tests, but plenty of guys who took it more than once.

Men typically drive almost twice the miles women do per year as well. That contributes to the inequality of insurance rates.

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omgYoUbasTards 0

142 I think u meant *on, the me was spelled right the first time.

And.... a male driving way over the speed limit is not "something stupid"? Not all women are bad drivers who do stupid things, and not all men are good drivers who just drive too fast. Womens' insurance is lower because they take less risks. They crash less. Men take more risks, and crash more, therefor making their insurance higher. Really, who's the worse driver? There is a reason insurance companies make men pay more.

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dudeitsdanny 9

^^^ ******* creeper. I bet she's a man in real life.

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milakitty21 0

then get yourself some implants ..

Clearly I meant on girls.. but they can't be too big, and they gotta have little nipples. No sausage! BTW the only reason I made this comment is so all the people that were extremely dissapointed by this FML they could come into the comments and find something to get a little laugh out of.

Your insurance rates are lower than ours.

and yet they have more accident percentage wise...

Actually men brother works for an insurance company, they are more likely to speed and drive drunk as well.

KiwiExchange 16

it's girls like her that make guys want to say sexist jokes.

My comment had nothing to do with the girl in the FML..

KiwiExchange 16

Alright. I just thought it was ironic that this comment came right after mine, I just said that to be funny cause this comment epically failed at that. Sorry.

Schizomaniac 24

I commented "I like big boobs!!!" and she says this like 3 comments later.. How is that not ironic? I think my first comment got deleted tho.. That may be why you didn't understand.

Schizomaniac 24

There is nothing that I didn't understand. There is no irony in that situation.

Schizomaniac 24

Thank you, moderator. Now everything I said makes absolutely no sense.

sourgirl101 28

Haha, that guy's comment disappeared and now you look like you're talking crazy!

541MedfazWcM 0

if it was really an fml u wouldnt be able to put this on FML.

i can understand your friend's question. When I first started driving, I had nooooo idea what was what. :-)