Just joking, dude!

By spacemanspiff78 - 31/10/2011 15:07

Today, while standing in line at the supermarket, I reached past my wife to get a pack of gum. She jokingly did the "battered wife flinch" to get a laugh, and smiled at me from behind her hand. The cop staring at us obviously didn't notice the smile and definitely didn't think it was funny. FML
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Damn cops, always there when you don't need them, never there when you do.

This is when you shout.. Wait honey, aren't you going to pay for those things in your purse???


What's with all the joking about domestic violence... Its not really that funny to make people you either beat your wife or girlfriend... They are lucky some random guy doesn't stand up for the woman and knock the guys out

Let's not get carried away there love. As someone who's had to live through witnessing spousal abuse my entire childhood, even I can take a joke. His wife was just trying to be cute and playful.

Yeah some couples have cute nicknames for each other, some like to prank each other. And in this case they like to joke around

There's a point where joking becomes just being a dick, and some people don't know where to stop...

Clearly you don't have a sense of humor, I do this all the time in the shops with girls I'm with and we all have a tease at one another, doesn't mean we condone domestic violence, just means we know how to have a giggle, the problem is you know it's all ***** and giggles until someone giggles then *****...

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If this Damn app logs me out one more time. It was a joke. I could understand if she started screaming for mercy, throwing candy at him, and clinging to the cops arm. That would be too far.

If keyman was one of the cops, he definitely would've beat up OP.

Keyman is a douche and can't beat up a retarted infant. Humor is a personal thing people, you can't tell someone what is and isn't funny. Personally these kind of jokes are hilarious because I would never abuse someone, which in my mind makes it funny. So what do ya tell a bitch with two black eyes? Nothing, you already told her twice.

I think that 1 and 18 misread the FML.. The husband didn't do anything. The wife was the one who flinched, to make OP laugh. He's not being a dick, he's being a guy who likes to chew gum. Now chill, and take a joke.

why is op a woman?....i think this is a fake fml someone wrote after they saw the last one about the joke on women abuse

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what do you do when your dishwasher stops working? hit her how do you load a dishwasher? get her drunk i just came back from the battering shelter and my arms are tired... ...from teaching them defensive blocking

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Oh spousal abuse, lol, is it never /not/ funny?

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I never know hat to do in those kinds of situations so I just panic and run away. Do you think that helps?

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Hat? That's obviously what I meant. xD

This is when you shout.. Wait honey, aren't you going to pay for those things in your purse???

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Real funny asshole. i hope someone you love is a victim of it so you can suffer like we do.

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The wife was the one who flinched, not the guy, so it's not his fault. :/

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The OP is a man it says "my wife"

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I might be wrong, but I think he's referring to #9..

Haha it's good to know that the cop is serious about his job and wont turn a blind eye.

Until the cop goes home at night and beats his wife for not having dinner ready.

When I was a kid I used to do the same thing to my mom. Then one day she really hit me for flinging...I never did it again. So pop that bitch a good one.