By naps aren't what they used to be - 27/04/2013 22:05 - United States

Today, my car was stolen from the parking garage, the same one I work at as a security guard. FML
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It was probably done on purpose to teach you a lesson for napping on the job


It was probably done on purpose to teach you a lesson for napping on the job

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Or find one that doesn't require common sense....

52- after all, all you have to do to become a YouTube commenter is go say "fake and gay".

55, that is the fakest gayest thing I have heard in my life.

Somebody makes a living as a YouTube commenter. *cough*73*cough*

It might just be me but if I saw someone stealing my car I would freeze up and call the cops from a distance. There's no way I'd approach them. But I'm probably just a chicken.

Hey, don't go blaming the OP. Obviously that place has some security issue, or they wouldn't hire him in the first place!

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I don't think anyone really deserves to have their car stolen. OP certainly could have made it harder for the crooks though

44, look at op's name, he kinda deserves it.

Stolen car to Kidnapping... That escalated quickly.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

There's not much you could do in either case if the criminal has a gun.

Gone in 60 Seconds? Sure hope you aren't the guard in my parking garage..

The first movie to pop in my head when I read parking garage was "The Human Centipede 2".

Seriously?.... They made a second one?.... And people actually watched it?....

Well, I half watched it. Between the slits in my fingers covering my eyes. That counts right? Much worse than the first.

How do you explain that on the police report, or the IR you have to write up?

Capt_Oblivious 10

I'd take that issue up with the security. .......oh, wait

I had to put YDI as you should know what's going on at your job

New hardest decision not telling cops your car got stolen, or pretty much telling your boss your bad at your job...

Damnitt. I read #17 wrong. x.x; I was thinking 4th instead of 3rd. Thumb me down please x.x;;

And because it is forbidden for 38 to thumb you down, I shall. Yet I am thumbing you down because your Canadian

It's all a tricky test by your employers to see of you're actually doing your job. Clearly, you're not.