By Anonymous - 23/02/2010 15:45 - United States

Today, it appears that my upstairs neighbour has decided to learn how to play the trombone. FML
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NGM_47 0

Maybe you should learn how to play the 'hit the broom on the ceiling to make your neighbor shut up' ?

Moonstarmist 0

I had a neighbor like that. FYL


Moonstarmist 0

I had a neighbor like that. FYL

you should pay for some lessons so he gets good

Break in and throw it out a window.

ILikePopCorn 0

YDI for not going up there and telling him to shut up instaead of writing an FML about it.

That's how it starts.. then the next thing you know he's creeping downstairs to blow on your boner. ;)

mshafty 0

And then it leads to a rusty trombone!! watch out

iSwag 0

introduce him to Michelle and they'll go to band camp together

you should decide to start learning deathmetal, but only when he practices trombone. find an electric guitar and an amp at a garage sale, you can't go wrong...

what's a trombone?

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michael32123 0

I know ppl who are mentally ill and know what a trombone is. and for you. he / she is getting better at blowing. it's a win lose situation

72: yes seriously lol, what is it!

74: woah woah woah. I am not a he/ she lol. or is it really that hard to tell the difference D:

my neighbor gets pissed when I play electronic drums, u can barely hear anything

oops... that's my brother.... :P no really he plays trombonr

notnormal 0

better than the drums!

Averizzle 0

Drums are awseome..

MoonyIce 0

I second this. Drums are effing awful to have to live with. OP, tell your neighbour not to practice at certain hours or something. It usually works if the person isn't a total douche.

well, not if your good :)

NGM_47 0

Maybe you should learn how to play the 'hit the broom on the ceiling to make your neighbor shut up' ?

Monikabug 9

^ My thoughts exactly! or learn how to play your stereo louder. :)

nickforthewin 0

or OP could learn how to play 'man up and go talk to him'?

noobgang7 5

lol does he suck

Take drum lessons.....

toxic10uhc 0

drums are very annoying... op at least it isn't acoustic guitar... those douches think they can play and they get really loud.. and sometimes they try to sing *shiver*

Apotheosis5267 0

Wow, your life does suck :S Could be worse if he were an insomniac

waaa, waa, wa ~ trombone noise~

neonskittzy 0

you should learn to play the gong every hour on the hour..

eat_this_buddie 5

^^this is a win

perdix 29

You're totally 'boned! It takes a couple of years of dedicated practice before you don't just completely suck at it. You may want to get a box of industrial earplugs and bill your neighbor for them.

if a person who plays drums is a drummer, then what is a person who plays trombone?

ClarinetGuy 4

A trombonist..