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Today, I turned in an essay after staying up late to work on it. I was away when the teacher assigned it, so I'd asked my friend what the subject was. It transpires that she'd given me the wrong one, all because she was mad at me for not returning her pencil. FML
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iAmScrubs 19

Pencil's are very valuable things, especially if they are the ones with Hello Kitty drawn on the side.


Should have taken that pencil and shoved it...ahem.

lilxsexii 4

No, cuz it's a sex ed class, duh. -_-

juicedboi 7

Pencils are precious and should not be with-held .. is what I would say if there wasn't another explanation. In this case it would be that your 'friend' is a terrible human being ad deserves to be out of your 'friend' group. Hopefully the rest of them are a bit better, if there is a 'rest' of them.

I don't rely on my friends nowadays. I don't trust anyone.

tjv3 10

you should have checked with the teacher. way to blame someone else for you not taking responsibility

JacksonCampbell 9

That's why you ask your teacher for the topic.

really over a pencil? why didn't she just remind you that you forgot to return it.

maybe it was someone she had fun with jk what a horrible friend

MrFancy 0

YDI, but not because of the pencil, which I'll agree is a bit ridiculous, but because she should have asked the teacher instead.

iAmScrubs 19

Pencil's are very valuable things, especially if they are the ones with Hello Kitty drawn on the side.

snickerz01 0

in my class, pencils are like currency and are always being stolen. you can like buy stuff from classmates with pencils

ydnar 5

#21 so pencils are to classmates what cigarettes are to prison cell mates.

awesomegirl2s98 1

I know. Hello kitty ones are the best. :P

********** using all of her writing utilities.....and fruit

למא דבר אתה?WTF are you saying

haha... let's hope she doesn't suck on her pens n pencils 0.o

Give her back her pencil covered in (insert the most foul thing here).

nmearayta 0

toilet water of someone with explosive diarrhea

mikejunior88 4

Hah, 49, yours made me laugh and also showed me a nasty image of that scenery in my head

muchagente 5

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I would think your teacher would understand, especially if it's a good paper and you're typically a good student. OP I would consider her, ex-friend.