By j3r3zana16 - 31/10/2011 08:30 - Canada

Today, while parking, I accidentally hit my landlord's daughter's brand new car. I made a huge dent in the side door. I thought nobody was home, so I quickly went to my room. Turns out they were having a barbecue outside and saw the whole thing. FML
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You, ma'am, are exactly what's wrong with society. Walking away from your responsibility is what's directly contributing to the downfall of humankind. Well, that and Jersey Shore.

Lol OP that's a felony to hit and run haha!


Wow I can't even think of a joke to sugar coat this:/ Have you looked for some new places to live?

Hehe I can picture OP turning around and awkwardly say "So... How's the meat?"

Hit and run ain't no fun. Ok sorry you had to read that. In all seriousness, you deserve it.

Obviously OP was just breaking the new car in. By actually breaking it.

I'm sure that's not the only "hit and run" their daughter experienced.

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you are a fucktard and I hope they called the cops

OP should not be allowed to reproduce, YDI big time **** head

Lol OP that's a felony to hit and run haha!

Yea....illegal..And I mean really what kind of douche just runs like that. Someone did that to my car while I was in target, luckily the dent wasn't too bad. They did leave a note though, thank god, it said "...I'm not sorry" really eased my pain (: Seriously though, ydi.

I had a dream I crashed my dads porsche and I was scared.

I had a dream that all the posts on the internet today were witty and relevant. I woke up hopeful.

I have a dream... That white people, black people... And even asians, can play poker together.

I have I dream that one day chickens can cross the road without their motives being questioned

Have you looked for some new places to live?

Lol, your insurance premium is about to go up and possibly your rent. Better get Geico and Maaco. I know you were so embarrassed.

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Sucks for you OP. karma is a bitch trying to hit and run!

Lol maybe you should have done the right thing and told him. And how could u not see them having a BBQ outside??

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YDI for just walking away like that :x If you didn't he'd probably be a lot less mad than he is now :3.

And that kids is what happens when you try to run away from your responsibilities.

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That's what you get for being shady!