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By  xoCOURTNIEox  |  0

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  Mindtrap  |  0

that's a terrible AP teacher, we had words like surreptitious and deleterious. OP, find out who the department head is of English there and talk to them about it

  juicedboi  |  7

Ah your just upset that you got caught. Walk into class reading a book or something next time and the teacher might think more of you, but preferably not captain underpants in this scenario. But by all means read the cptn in your spare time!

  ubetrwatchBN  |  5

Even if OP doesn't know the meanings of those words off the top of his/her head, single words are no reason to accuse someone of plagiarism. Even a half-wit English teacher should know that kids have access to a dictionary or, God forbid, a thesaurus.

Either OP is exaggerating, or that teacher needs to be fired, then at least take some English classes before being allowed to teach it.


60- Phantasmagorical- 1.) adj. Characterized by rapid changes in light intensity and color.

2.) adj. The quality of blurring real and imaginary elements as in a dream.

My Honors English class just did this word. We're reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. :)

  Paul_Days  |  0

This kid in my class copied his entire life science project off of wikipedia with strange letters and small numbers in brackets and he didn't get caught WTF

By  alpaquette91  |  9

try being more dumb ... just saying

By  whiteboy7thst  |  2

Next time don't use bigs words...

  tona01  |  16

why are people so proud that they learned a word using a f... class
read more and you'll learn more words without a teacher telling you to learn it
PS: being good at school, does not mean a person is intelligent or not, it just means you have discipline
i'm not calling anybody dumb, but don't feel better than anybody either, and telling people to dumb down to fit someone's expectations is the dumbest god damn fucking thing i have ever heard

By  DjeePee  |  24

Question: what's AP? The first things Google gives me are all about 'the Associated Press' and I get a feeling that that's not what it's all about.

OP, your teacher is an ass. An unprofessional ass. Pupils are allowed to use the internet as a source of inspiration whilst making homework, as long as they just don't copy-paste the shit or change a couple of words. That's plagiarism. Using difficult words is something your teacher should be encouraging. I don't know how it's there, but here, in Belgium, we need to have proof for plagiarism. I once found an identical copy of a task on the internet, I printed it and tadaah, plagiarism proved. If there is no proof, there is no plagiarism.

  DjeePee  |  24

But I don't know what advanced placement is :(
I'm searching for a term people in Europe (specific: Belgium) use for it.

Edit, thank you Softballer. Now I know what it is, and it's something we don't have. I think...

  fthku  |  13

#57 I've tried hard looking for your point, but I just don't see it.

OP, your teacher is an idiot. If he just accuses you but nothing really comes out of it, ignore him- some teachers are just plain bitter and will do everything they can to make other people's lives just as miserable. If it affects you in some way, even the slightest, talk to the principal about it.


45: I'm guessing you don't have AP courses because your educational system isn't ass-backwards. ALL students should be prepared for college by graduation, whether they plan to attend or not.

  srgsk9  |  9

It's not college prep, it's the opportunity to earn college credits while in High School. AP or Advances Placement classes are an opportunity to take a college equivalent class. They are usually pretty difficult and the test is designed to challenge you on an incredibly high level. It is hosted by College Board (SAT too). I would know, I've taken four :).

  LaGuera7426  |  0

djpeepee...AP is short for Advanced Placement. It's an honors course that allows you to take a placement exam once you've graduated high school to earn college credit and allow you to skip classes at the university level.

  Reasonable  |  4

82, that would be great, but take my school, for example. They had to cut some AP and honors classes last semester because kids were failing 9th grade on level biology for the third time. Those kids sicken me with how quickly they throw away their opportunities. No matter how much you teach them, they're not going to care about school enough to learn.

  thewife5  |  19

AP classes are going to start having high dollar marks next to them in the near future because there is no funding for them.. so many will be better waiting for college to pay for them.. rather than get a jumpstart in HS

  kc1997kc  |  9

AP is advanced placement. it's about the same a a bacloreate or a Cambridge study program. it helps you earn college credits when your in high school. They are very challenging classes, harder then honors or gifted.