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Today, at school, I got in trouble for plagiarizing on a paper. The subject of said paper was where I see myself in ten years. FML
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Maybe try talking to the teacher about how ridiculous it is to get accused of plagiarism when the topic is so limited anyways?


No idea why this is down voted. I guess people don't see what your saying.

Maybe try talking to the teacher about how ridiculous it is to get accused of plagiarism when the topic is so limited anyways?

This subject could easily be plagarised. It's not like the answer has to be 100% true or like no-one has similar goals to OP. And the WAY it's written could be copied, even if the content has been slightly changed.

Twins wouldn't necessarily see themselves in the same place in ten years.

Sheldon wants to be in the same place as Leonard though.

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@17 Sheldon's crazy, though.

He's not crazy. His mother had him tested.

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Your teacher expects you to be more hipster and not as mainstream.

Glad you are not in my school. If you were then you'd probably see yourself write the exam ten years later. but yeah, fyl.

That's just ridiculous OP! Sorry for the circumstances, hopefully everything gets better for you..

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I got accused of plagiarizing a paper about my family once. Even when I submitted to a plagiarism checking site that said otherwise, the "lack of citations" I included was "a dead giveaway."

How do you cite information from your family though? "and then, your father and grandmother danced the hula" (Mom. 1998. Cleveland).

21—that is how you would cite it, except you would use your mom's actual name and cite it as an interview. In academic papers, you really are supposed to cite everything that isn't an original idea. I can't imagine anyone, though, outside of a college professor, calling plagiarism on that.... Seems excessively pedantic.

There was a local college professor some years back that got fired for plagiarising himself, because he used a quote from a previous article/whatever HE wrote without citing it.

John Fogarty of Creedence Clear Water Revival was sued for plagiarizing himself.... Apparently one of his solo songs sounded too much like a CCR song. He lost, too. You really can plagiarize anything.... That's why I always tell my students: cite, cite, cite!

Ooo-- just double checked, he won the lawsuit because he was able to prove a difference in chords.

Maybe your future self turned is secretly in your class and wrote about his life? I was Back to The Future day yesterday.

It's not plagiarizing if it's such a limited topic

I've been teaching for a long time and you'd be amazed at the ways students try to cheat. You can find almost any kind of paper (even ones like this) online. Or recycle a sibling's or friend's paper. Change a few details, and presto! A plagiarized paper. Of course, if it was an in-class, timed writing, that's a bit more difficult to cheat on. Not impossible, but difficult.

You use someone else's paper (or ideas/vision/story) and put your name on it. It's not like the teacher is going to track down students in 10 years and retroactively dock grades because the students aren't where they said they'd be... I think you're overthinking it. You can plagiarize anything.