By stitchesgirl12 - 07/04/2015 16:03 - Canada - Saint Catharines

Today, I ripped my stitches while taking a shit. FML
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OP here! No, my stitches weren't anywhere near my butt, I have a bunch on my arm. And, well.. the doctor sewed me up really tight, and I legitimately ripped them while pushing. Lmao. Not my finest moment, but definitely FML worthy. The doctors in the Niagara Region were half asleep over the Easter weekend, my sewed up wound actually looks like a ******.

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Did this, by any chance, happen in a porta potty where you lost your virginity?

You know i think the real FML is how those stitches came to be in such a sensitive spot


Did this, by any chance, happen in a porta potty where you lost your virginity?

The post of that and this one are from diffrent countries, so why would you think that?

When people read this comment once the fml reaches "random" they'll be so confused

Is nobody going to question how this was the first comment but the post the joke is from was posted 16 mins later.

#65 they don't post the fmls one by one..

bahahahahahahahahha I see what you did there!

And did they get the stitches because of a mishap while climbing a fence?

BamBAmGG 14

Waitttt is this the same girl that had to get stitches in her ****** when she tried climbing over a fence?? lol

Quick question Umm were the stitches on your bum?

If so, how did they get it and why would they need stiches there!

truckers_wife 23

my guess is op just gave birth and needed stitches from tearing.

Or the stitches were on her ****** from climbing a fence.

My arm haha. But that would have made more sense, yes.

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You must of been wiping reallyyyy hard to create enough force to rip stitches out of your arm OP lol

I hope it's not too hard for them to stitch you back up again. FYL, op.

How did you get stitches in your asshole in the first place....

There are plenty of reasons to have stitches in that general area: surgery, birth, a unfortunate fall, and a few other more unsavory ones.

Op may have had the stitches in their stomach (or somewhere near there) but popped them from pushing too hard. If op had surgery it's pretty common to have constipation after.

katachristic 19

10, what did they unfortunately fall on, a pike?

#17, they could fall on a plethora of things. Driftwood at the beach, off a horse and onto a rock, balance beams for gymnasts, even just falling on their posterior. The body reacts in strange ways to trauma and the OP could have had a severe internal rip in muscle that required surgery, or the skin could have split and required stitches for clean healing, or even the tailbone chipping and requiring exploratory surgery so the bone fragment doesn't rip apart the veins. There is such a variety of things that could happen.

Falling off a horse, and having your butthole fall on a stick. THAT would be the worse. FYL OP.

cheshireau 26

If OP is a woman, she may have not long ago given birth and needed stitches around her lady area after delivery. That what I'm thinking.

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The only shitty thing here is this overused pun.

Novadi 22

That sounds terrible OP. Hopefully it heals soon. But what I'm wondering is, how did you get stitches near your butthole?

You know i think the real FML is how those stitches came to be in such a sensitive spot

Maybe it was due to an unfortunate accident while climbing a fence.

Have you guys never heard of child birth? I know women who have ripped all the way from the V to the A

My cousin had the worst birth ever. She had a dry birth, they had to use the vacuum and she ripped hole to hole. I was around 14 at the time and it's practically scared me from having kids ever since!

I ripped from v to a with my youngest and let me clue you, ripping those stitches is easier than you think!

This is exactly what every pregnant woman wants to read...

As long as you have a good epidural you won't feel the stitches. I had a 2nd degree tear with my oldest and maybe a 1st or 2nd degree tear with my 3 week old.

I had an episiotomy with my birth, stitches suck. As for the pregnant women reading this, best to be prepared!

Ripping anywhere down there after child birth is terrible. I didn't rip V to A i ripped V and up

Indeed #34, I'm due any time, I'm terrified of this happening.

Good luck #82! I have 3 months left of imagining this, getting more petrified by the minute!

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#50 Whoa... What exactly do you mean (so I'm not assuming), and HOW??

Does this fml happen to be by the same person who ripped their butthole, also by taking a shit