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Today, my psycho ex broke into my fiancée's apartment and cut up her expensive wedding dress. The nutjob is in jail now, but it doesn't seem like the wedding will be happening any time soon. FML
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Look on the bright side: at least she didn't cut up your fiancée.

There should be some law that will let you sue her and get that money back.


Look on the bright side: at least she didn't cut up your fiancée.

There should be some law that will let you sue her and get that money back.

They can sue for any and all damage done. No special law needed for that.

Trespassing and destroying private property are 2 things the can sue her for and you can probably ad emotional damage

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Can't sue if she doesn't have any money!

Yes you can, you can sue anyone for any amount. They will have to come up with the money or go to jail. That's how it works.

Technically you can sue someone even if they don't have the money, but if they don't have it then its just a huge waste of time. Personally I would still do it though on principle.

Steve97 32

You can sue for the damages and the traumatic experience OP and his fiancé felt about the incident, if OP's crazy ex has any money to her name that is.

She's in jail for forced entry and property damage I would image. She they be responsible for paying for their damages?

You can sue anyone for anything. You won't necessarily win, and even if you do (and especially since she is that crazy), they might not have the money to pay you back, and you can't do anything about that.

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It's not necessarily true that you can't do anything about it. If the amount is worth it, you can always engage a collection agency. The agency can take things to the next level - garnishing wages and bank accounts, kill the person's credit rating, etc.

Would that include the lost money on the wedding they have to now miss out on? I'd imagine most things were fully paid for, and at best OP would lose their deposit, at worst, everything.

Your life sounds like an episode of Orange is the new Black. Good luck OP!

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That was my first thought.

Do people turn psycho all of a sudden? You did date her at a point.

ChristianH39 30

You might be surprised how long somebody can seem perfectly normal for. It's also entirely possible that the reason OP broke up with their ex is that they started showing their true colors.

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But why does that delay your wedding? I understand that losing the dress (especially like this) is terrible, but in the end, it's just a piece of clothing - what should matter is that the two of you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Don't give your ex what she wanted, have your wedding and be happy with each other while she rots in jail.

I can imagine the fiancé might feel a little unsafe and as a result may irrationally blame OP for the attack. Honestly, I'd be surprised if anything traumatic happening during the - highly stressful - time leading up to a wedding didn't result in some extreme reaction.

I can see postponing it until she can get over what happened. I'm sure that would be horrifying, and as the other commenter said its already stressful before a wedding.

It takes forever to get fitted for a dress, have the dress made, and then get fitted for alterations. I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding next month and for just my dress the process took three months, and my dress actually came in a month ahead of the projected ship date. The bride picked her dress in September and went in for the final fitting just last month. If OP's fiancee wants a proper dress -- which I'm assuming she does since she already had one -- she can't just pop into a store and buy one off the rack. Granted she may decide she can live without it and buy a dress that can be bought without need for alterations, but after going through that long process and spending all that money, I wouldn't want to.

Another possibility is that they may not have the money in their budget for another dress right now, since OP did say it was an expensive dress. Depending on their situation, they might've fudged the budget a little bit more in order for her to get the dress she really wanted. If that is the case, they may have to save up more for a dress, as well as calm down from the emotional side of the situation

It would delay it because it takes a long time to get fitted/get a dress altered. My fittings were delayed because I live out of state from where the dress shop was (the wedding was in Michigan and I live in Ohio) I can't imagine what she is going through and I would cry if that happened to me. I hope OP's fiancée can get through this and everything will work out.

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That sucks so badly. Maybe do a quickie court house wedding until she can afford another dress for the wedding she wants?

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If they get married at the courthouse, THAT'S their wedding. Legally, unless they get divorced in between, they cannot have another wedding. It would be fake, since they'd already be married.

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It's still a wedding, if you want the big day and you want to be married they don't have to happen at the same time. I'm in the Military and because we're so far from our family, a lot of my friends have done this. They don't want to wait to get married, so they do as soon as possible, then when they can go on leave they have their "wedding" with their friends and families. It's an actual alternative that works.

Maybe do a gofundme to try to raise funds for a new wedding dress. That way the wedding won't be delayed. If you had a $1 for every f your life.

Crowdfunding is stupid. People should give their money to actual worthwhile charities instead of wasting it on people looking for handouts.

Eh, I can see where it'd be reasonable..this not so much. It really sucks, but they should be able to sue the ex. I've mostly seen funding pages for medical reasons, using them to get an expensive dress is kinda dumb.

As I said in another reply, a wedding dress isn't something you can just buy off the rack. You have to be measured, then the dress has to be made, then you have to be fitted for alterations. It's a months-long process and it doesn't sound like they have months. Even if they crowd-funded for a new one there likely wouldn't be enough time.

Have the wedding in view of her prison cell