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Today, I had my teacher look over my essay before turning it in. He said it was extremely well-written, so I handed it in. When I got it back, the feedback he left said it was one of the worst essays he'd ever read. FML
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Talk to him and see if maybe you can get the grade changed or something. That's not fair at all


Some teachers are just out to get you, I had some bad experiences with teachers before.

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Maybe the paper was grammatically flawless but the arguments were poor or unsoundly based? The teacher's still a fart-nugget, but at least this would make more sense than the teacher having an evil twin.

Logic must always be lacking in any form of institutional facility for it to be a valid facility.

It could also have been that he didn't actually read the essay the first time, or thought it was someone else's?

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If the teacher thought it was someone else's and have OP a bad grade for the same essay it would be favoritism. Which translates to asshole teacher

I had a teacher like that. read over the essay 3 times before I turned it in and he found that much more to grade it a B. he found things nevet pointed out in any of the other 1 on 1 sessions we had.

Idk at my university sometimes older students (assistants) grade the essays/tests.

Talk to him and see if maybe you can get the grade changed or something. That's not fair at all

yeah, what the hell. remind him of what he said before, OP

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Maybe next time your teacher will say that it's well-written again

Comments... At least some.... Why does it feel like something is amiss here?

Tell him that his face is the worst thing you've ever seen.. Jk don't really say that you should try talking to him about it

He had a change in heart I guess! Maybe he was just having a bad day when he graded it.

I admit to having done this before-- a student gives you a paper to read before it's due, you glance over it, it looks good and seems to meet the requirements. Then after everyone turns in their essays, you start reading other ones which turn out to be sparkling with insight and engaging writing, and the original one looks... turdish in comparison. It's still a dick move on the teacher's part. It's one of the reasons I rarely read student essays early, or if I do, I only will tell the student what needs to be added, fixed or changed to meet the requirements of the assignment. I won't tell them what grade it might get or how good it is.

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your username- are you a buk fan, 22? if so, you have good taste in words.

22, hence why I don't necessarily agree with comparing one student's work to another. Where student A may have an excellent vernacular, communicative and structured writing style, student B may have a more detail/subject laden, yet eloquently simple style of writing. I think each piece of work should be judged on the merits of the student, their understanding of the subject matter and marked accordingly by what was written by them. Of course, there is a place for constructive criticism and comments from teacher to individual on how to improve the substance and quality of their writing for future production of outstanding pieces of prose.

My Brit lit teacher grades paper anonymously. She tells everyone to write down their student id number, or any number if they are paranoid, on a sheet of paper and has a student hold onto it.

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Wow and these are the people that are supposed to prepare us for life?

Maybe that's the point he is trying to make...If so a different action would've been better to teach that

technically , he taught him that life isn't fair

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Yeah I was thinking that, you're right.

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Well bosses can be like that. So in a way that is teaching him a lesson.

Let's not ask the teacher to look over your work again, maybe an older sibling or parent?

Or an English tutor? If OP is in college, they might have a "Writing Center" that can help with editing papers.

Either he's really mean or he's bipolar to the max.

What would being bipolar have to do with anything?

You're really irritable one day, and the next you're really happy. I thought the disorder makes you change your mind a lot.

How can someone be bipolar to the max?

You should really look it up. It isn't just that.

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#84, no. That's not how bipolar disorder works. It's not a "one day happy, next day sad" thing or a "I can't make up my mind" thing. It's a disorder that causes your emotions to change quickly, without your control. It's also a serious disorder and shouldn't be used the way you're using it.