By Anonymous - 04/09/2014 06:44 - United States - Saginaw

Today, I tried to blink out a small speck of dirt that was caught in my eye. Instead, I learned what it feels like to suffocate a small, angry spider with your eyelid. FML
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Well now there's no spider to climb up the water spout. You're a monster!


Hold your eye open and run water over it under a faucet. My eyes are watering just thinking about the horror and pain you have experienced.

my eye doctor told me never to do that because there's a small, spiral shaped bacteria in the water that can make you go blind...

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Plus they don't have the same saturation, that's why you use saline solution

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wtf?! dead or not I dont want a spider in my eye! edit - or anything for that matter

Spiders are awesome. Take some time to learn about them and you might not be as afraid of them.

#46 Or end up like me and become extremely paranoid about them.

They're freaking terrifying, and the more I learn the scarier they get.

Actually most spiders ignore humans even the dangerous ones don't attack unless they feel threatened. Im not saying start a spider fan club but work towards being less afraid.and more respectful of the danger they can present.

They're just like bees, but there are always accidents when you don't see them. This spider would have been spooked, and if venomous/able to would have probably bit her eye.

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A spider crawled into and bit the inside of my mouth. I will NEVER get over my fear of them, it's called arachnophobia and it's quite hard to deal with in some serious cases. Ugg, I get shudders just thinking of the things

They might be awesome but I still wouldn't enjoy having one in my eye!

Well now there's no spider to climb up the water spout. You're a monster!

That is an amazing version of the song! Hahaha

Maybe if you got bitten, you'll become Spider-Man?

You have set your eye on fire now...and your room...and your house, just to make sure the little bastard is dead

There is truly no way anyone can deserve this kind of horrid nightmare. FYL op... My regards to your poor eye

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That sounds like the beginning of a nightmare, that little spider ghost is going to be pissed.

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Better hope the mother spider wasnt watching you brutally murder her kid or you are going have to sleep with one eye open.

What if it WAS the mother and hundreds of angry spiders spewed out from the dead mother?

But with one eye open, might the same incident happen? O_o

I'm guessing OP has one good eye left though..

This FML seems to have come straight from the land of NOPE.

Had to reply to say this is one of the few comments to actually make me lol. I know there's a button for it; I utilized that too.