By ohmy - 17/12/2009 19:09 - Canada

Today, a spider crawled across my glasses' lens. My first reaction was to smack myself in the face. FML
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bleedinginside 0

if there was a spider on ur sack us smack ur sack right

sumbody14 0

who waits for the spider To get onto thier glasses before smacking it?

TooQuick 1

SMH. Oh wait. you already did. YDI

my god i laughed so hard, that mental image totally made my day.

Omg i know right i couldnt stop laughing. I think i woke up my family!

DreMaMa 0

At least you didn't use both hands.

Brooklyn_c 0
loveyahun 0

I would just take off the glasses?

Loveyou6611 20

One simply doesn't "just take off the glasses" when they see a spider. The proper response would have been to scream bloody murder while throwing the glasses across the room and hitting your hair and face while stomping your feet... if that doesn't work. Fire.

FYL indeed....this FML made me though