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Warning: lame joke below. That mouse has his eye on you...

Evidently fear is not a factor for you!


Evidently fear is not a factor for you!

ewwwwwwww thats nastyy

good! put it in a good eyeball soup with some garlic... yumm

At least its not in ur bread box anymore

An eye for an eye?

Note: When cleaning mouse remains, be sure to pick up and examine further.

Haha! 54, you beat me to it x)

23- Say It In The Clevland Voice!

Moral : don't squeeze round things unless you want stuff all over your face.

Eye must say, that's a bummer! :)

That's what OP gets for having a cat in the house

Why? I was eating fucktard! (This is a joke and I'm talking to op)

Warning: lame joke below. That mouse has his eye on you...

Eye thought you might have said something like that 2.

5 - no idiot you fail

5- that comment certainly does your picture justice.

don't lash out at him for making a bad joke. i'll take him in as my pupil and teach him.

afterall everyone makes a cornea joke once in awhile.

Twas supposed to be corny, most puns are corny.

Flockz, goodluck teaching this one! $5 if his comments become entertaining by next week, hold me to it.

Eye see what you did there Flockz !

He acknowledged the lameness . It's not that lame . Mooooveee onnnnnnnn

Thnx for the warning

an eye for your eyes :)

That seems unfair

You better get it checked out... Cuz you know... Rabies :(

Not every wild animal has rabies. It's not as common as people seem to think. If the cat starts acting strange, yea get checked. Cats will tend to avoid another animal with rabies though.

You're better safe then sorry. If you start showing symptoms of rabies, it's already too late. They may be able to save your life, but you'll at least have some kind of permanent damage afterwards.

I would have just said that it's too late to effectively treat if you show signs of rabies, but I do live the state where they saved the first person's life who wasn't treated immediately after the bite. This happened not even a decade ago, and only 5 additional people have survived the treatment since. So in summary, if you don't treat it right away, your chances are pretty grim. Even if there's a 99 percent chance you don't contract rabies, is it really worth the 1 percent chance that you die from an entirely preventable disease?

It was probably a parasite that lived in the mouse!! You would've recognized an eye wouldn't you?? Maybe it was a fly larva, depending how long it was there! Gross!

Mmhmm because an eyeball has rabies. Stupidest comment ever

That had to have been a HUGE mouse..

All I can say to this FML is EWWWWWW xP

Gross icky yucky nasty disgusting grody

Damn, I'm sitting here on FML, whislt easting dinner, I see this and now I can't eat it. I'm eating breaded Chicken balls. Thanks.

Now come on, you had to realize that you were going to get grief for saying you were eating "breaded chicken balls" -- did you do this on purpose? Why just Chicken balls? penises all gone?

You should know better than to read FML while eating. C'mon.

Why the hell would you squeeze it ?

He obviously wanted to find out if it was solid.. or not.

I know right? They should have explained in the original post! Oh...they did? Well. Seems you're just an idiot.

Um if I was cleaning fuckin rat remains I wouldnt be stupid enough to try an do any research on any of the remains !! That's fucking gross ! Hellooooooo ???

Who doesn't want to squeeze round objects?

That must have been delicious! :$

Now that's just nasty!

You look like one hell of a gangster.

Yay for the gangsta tools!

ew, bad spelling. that's gross.