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Today, my son got in serious trouble after he was caught trying to sell weed to people in the street. The good news is that the "weed" was just actual weeds he'd pulled from our lawn. The bad news is that at age 16, my son is too stupid to know the difference. FML
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I'll sell him some coke...$100..... Does he like diet or regular?

You need to teach him the difference


You need to teach him the difference

He could not teach him too, then he won't get caught selling the real thing

"Who taught you how to do this stuff?" "From you, dad. I learned it from watching you!"

I swear that used to be an anti-drug commercial back in the 80's.

Hey #36. They are $200 dollars for one weed. Freshly picked. I suggest injecting them. Putting them in your butt also has the same effect.

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49, it was. That's probably why 47 posted it.

yeah broooo! let's talk about were we can find weed for the cheapest prices in the U.S.

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Well I mean you can buy dandelion greens at the grocery store for 2 bucks... In Canada for real weed its about ten bucks a gram. I hate that I know that. I don't do drugs, I swear.

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15 for flame in battlecreek

Yeup, 10 up here, no matter where ya go haha good stuff and shitty stuff.

(I don't do drugs myself, i have friend who do though) For some people they get a gram for $5 up till $10 for what I know. That's in Canada, New Brunswick.

@36 At my highschool(no pun intended) there is a group of juniors who sell it for $20. But I'm more busy with the PizzaHut outside since I always order a large pizza for me and my buds. The pot heads can be found there too.

I Used To Think This Too.

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Catch the latest album from Generic Indie Band "All My Shirts Say Dumb Shit", on iTunes now!

Make him smoke both. Then he will learn.

If he can find people like him, maybe he can still make some money. Err, nevermind who am I kidding? :/

Well, #2 seems to be a prime potential customer.

"I'm the one who rings the doorbell" "Yo, dandelions are my signature, bitch"

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some guy at my school got arrested for drug dealing and credit card fraud... at only 14 years old!

It happens. Lots of kids in my school started selling/doing drugs at a young age. Most of them aren't doing to great but at least they know the difference between grass and marijuana.

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Can someone explain the dislikes on #5?

#88 people are probably finding it irrelevant, so they are downvoting it.

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Generally irrelevant and hardly surprising. North America's finer neighborhoods have drug dealers under 12 all day every day, because under 12 they won't get charged, so no record and no punishment. Getting busted at 14 is just getting busted. If the kid was 9 we might have a moment of pity for lost youth.

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Oh, makes more sense now. Thanks

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I don't think people that smoke marijuana or use other natural substances are unintelligent.. Dealing them is another story.

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Clearly the OP isn't a bad parent, he said the "good news" was that it wasn't real weed, so he obviously doesn't want his son to be involved in drugs. I'm not sure what would look like a "good parent" in your eyes, I don't think most people find it necessary to teach their kid that illegal drugs don't grow in their lawn.

I'll sell him some coke...$100..... Does he like diet or regular?

I'll sell him some pot, does he like small or large?

#32 Depends. Do they come with lids or do you have to pay extra for them.

Lids are extra, depending on the buyer.

I'll get him crack. Fault line? Sidewalk? Road?

And bath salts. Lavender, perhaps?

#76, I'll take a couple from the ass variety.

You looking for some dope? He's on the corner trying to sell weed.

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He thinks it's brain freeze, of course. It all makes sense.

I don't think OP's son can get a brain freeze...