By somuchforthat - 19/02/2010 07:38 - Australia

Today, I woke up and found a small leg of what used to belong to a spider on the corner of my mouth. FML
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Spider: Today I was taking a walk, minding my own business, when a heartless giant bit my leg off. FML

euuuuuuurrrrggghhh. i had a friend who had the same experiance. gross. fyl.


euuuuuuurrrrggghhh. i had a friend who had the same experiance. gross. fyl.

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Aren't they SpiderPeople now? :D

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really elledub? you would be scared for life if you found out that you ate something that billions of other people eat everyday?

supposedly it's supposed to be common for most humans to experience this at some point int their lifetime. fyl though

dude never have a gay roomate seems your mouth is wide open when u sleep. what's worse than a spider is a centipede u bite half off the other half remains alive in you !!

Then you'd be even more scared to find out that the average human ingests 8 spiders in their lifetime while they're sleeping lol

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Actually, that's not true. It is literally impossible to determine that with any test. What would a scientist do, monitor a group of people for their entire lives and count how many spiders they eat? Even if it could be tested (which it hasn't), it's now a proven fact that that number (8 spiders) was made up, seriously, google that myth.

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41 says **** the internet bullshit statistcs. bravo.

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But a roach would! Maybe it's not a spider's leg after all. It smelled the food between your teeth since you forgot to brush! Free protein.

ew! that means he ate the spider! grody!!!!

sorry I didntvget 2 finish lol anyways just to prove that EVERYONE does this and not just this person they need 2 watch for their whole life 1 or 2 more people. FAIL.

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41 ur an ass. way to just call him out like a dickhole would

No way, Einstein! Also, OP, did you take the leg to your secret laboratory that is hidden in the wall behind your toy box to test it? You must have, since you're positive it was a spider.

Did you finish it? I heard they're good with some parmazan.

Humans eat spiders all the time in their sleep , it's not really a big deal.

Spiders are smart enough to not crawl into a nice warm spot (which is there favorite conditions)? Fool.

the average person eats 6 spiders every night

how do you know it was a spider leg??? haha @_@ confused...

A person like me never get this problem, cause im never sleeping. Too much action ;)

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Everyone eats at least 8-9 spiders during their sleep in their lifetime. Get over, I actually felt the spider going down my throat once.. It felt as if it was desperately trying to crawl out of my mouth.

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no it does happen and it is common. what 41 is saying is that there is no way to determine how many times it happens in a lifetime

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YOU GUYS THINK tHAT'S NASTY? In sugar plantations and lots of other food distributors getspiders and insects in the foodnthey just get mixed around. in reality you eat about 50 spiders/insects

eww, I remember reading something a long time ago that discussed how people will eat spiders and insects in their sleep, and how many they will eat in their lifetime. Effing nasty, but you can't control what you do while you are sleeping. Ewww, thanks for reminding me about all that. Keep your home clean, reduce ur chances buddy.

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I thought it was only true for people who only sleep with their mouth open that they will swallow atleast 8 spiders in their lifetime.

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thats why i used to sleep with my duvet over my mouth as a kid if i had a cold, i was so paranoid about swallowing a spider.

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The top fluffy blanket or quilt on a bed.

#31. A comforter. It's a blanket. Just a blanket. Now why do guys like you and I want to know what a duvet is? Is this essential to our survival in the hunter-gatherer sense? No. What are we, then? Consumers

well it's everyone it says you eat spiders atleasttt 5 per year.... it's just natural

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Yes they are. I've woken up with a spider in my mouth before. It was a whole spider, and very much alive. Sorta freaked me out a bit. I'm over it now though.

Am I the only one who noticed that killerj didn't say spider?..........

Clearly Chacha is all knowing. I'm not saying that that isn't correct, but come on. Really? Chacha isn't infallible.

can't stop lol'ing with the OP experiance!!! ahahahaha!!! *eats a spider* hahahaha!!

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that's true #4. but that's hard to even explain because we don't eat spiders on a regular basis, which h makes it sound worse than it already is.

Spider: Today I was taking a walk, minding my own business, when a heartless giant bit my leg off. FML

lmao at this!!! OP, it's not the end of the world - the spider's leg could've been IN your mouth - now that's an FML!

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Win haha. Op I think I would be more grossed out If it were a cockroach now that would make me puke.

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I love his profile pic too this dude is a champ

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Dont feel bad OP, most people eat spiders in their sleep they just don't know it.

What I strange thing to find in your mouth. FML only if you mated with it before you ate it. Then, you'd be spiderwoman.

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Were you pretending to be Bear Gryills in your sleep?

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omg I LOVE that show.. and everyone makes fun of me for it! and now I found someone that make a reference about!! wanna be best friends? lol