By Anonymous - 17/05/2009 05:17 - United States

Today, I was on a bike ride when a bug flew into my eye. Not wanting to stop, I figured I would just keep that eye closed until I could cry it out. Five seconds later, a bug flew into my other eye. FML
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Lol, I wonder the odds of that happening.

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they planed it it's a conspericy

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this wouldn't have happened if you were in the kitchen OP... haha jk I can't even say that, I'm a woman. however I am in my kitchen. lol.

The odds depend on where op was at that moment. When I have to go through a forest it happens quite frequently.

Same thing happened to me a week ago, not kidding.

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wow. that's all you got? a sex joke?

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Indeed, quite funny hmmmm...

#3 - Touché! This FML improves the joke about difference between sad and happy biker (the one with bugs between his teeth is the happy one) in a way more hilarious way.

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goggles my friend... get some goggles

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This situation could of been completely avoided had you been in a car.

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why's everyone telling #7 to stfu? she made a valid point

Maybe OP actually wants to be friendly to the environment and work out.

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happened to me too :)) I hate those bugs. :))

#7 Perhaps they aren't old enough to drive.

Ah... What a great FMLit would've been if you had opened your mouth to cry out and have another bug fly in there. ;)