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  So2011  |  4

YDI for being nice to a spider. Whenever you let a spider live, it goes and tells it's friend show nice you are. Next thing you know, your house will be full of spiders.

  CaptainSlow  |  2

Don't you think that is a bit harsh against the spiders? Imagine being a spider, living a perfectly normal life, until a human 100,000 times its size decides that the mere sight of it is reason enough to smash it against the ground. I'm not comfortable around spiders, but please, think about how many spiders you have killed, and compare that to the number of times you've been physically hurt by them. Also, having spiders in your house saves you from insect invasions, for example wall lice and ants.


I disagree. I'd say that baconandpuppies would be a better name. Dogs like humans, and they are loyal pets. It's been proven. Ate think everything is theirs. Also this is the 2nd time I've seen an OP reply to their post.

  SPAIDZ  |  0

This is a war people. And it's comments like 36 & 80 that are the reason we are losing. Every spider makes a difference. And if you have a heart protect your fellow man and destroy those tiny eight legged bastards!