By scarred4life - 27/04/2011 14:05 - Canada

Today, I was absentmindedly playing with a piece of lint. When I looked at it, I realized that I had been rolling and squeezing a dead spider in my fingers for about five minutes. FML
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Is that a problem? At least it wasn't alive.

maybe it was alive and all the rolling and playing killed the spider

now she'll be somewhat of a spiderman (woman)

f the spiders life. It's dead, you're not, get over it.

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*comment unrelated to the comment on which I am responding*

50 Charlotte was the pig...what story were you told?

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53 Charlotte was the spider... Wilbur was the pig

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right? i don't what all these people are bitching about. it's just a dead spider, there's NOTHING disgusting and creepy about that. you fool.

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Wow this is making me feel so paranoid now. I hate spiders.

48-A spider has 8 legs therefore an arachnid

48 just saying spider are not insects I knew that and I'm only in 7th grade

Lmfao, #56, it wasn't you? Then who was it exactly?

he goes on fml in his sleep. its a disease called beinadouchitis

I disagree! Her name is MissBrainDamage and she's calling OP retarded...oh the awkward irony...

Or maybe the spider was liberated from its pointless existence to experiment something better who knows!

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Today, I was just squished and rolled in someone's fingers. FML

or what if this was the great grandson of that hugeass spider from harry potter? uh oooohhh

omg!!!! I literally lol from this comment and the fml

That's how doctor Frankenstein started. Watch it, if you have ideas of dismembering it and then sew it back together !

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that is ******* nasty. I find spiders extremely hard to kill. they always somehow escape the tissues

Meanwhile it's really easy to let them live: just leave them the **** alone ! You should try.

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there is no living for any spider that crosses my path.

depends on the spider, after the legs reach a certain thickness it's over I don't do none of that mutant tarantula shit :D

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Yeah but even daddy long-legs wont survive in my house.

lol #8 I hate that. you think you got it in the tissue, then it just disappears. then I cry like sissy girl

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USE A SHOE It is much more effective than a slim strip of paper.

ok ok ok u. will bow tell u the technique of killing a spider with a tissue, alright u first sneak up on it like a ninja then u strike it with ur tissue with all ur might. then u turn around and say mission exacuted

Spiders are awful things. o.o they need to be killed. I just throw things at them until they die.

btw spiders eat pest such as roaches so spiders or roaches?

so does that mean whoever disliked my comment would like a house filled with roaches?

This is why people should be made illegal.