By scarred4life - 27/04/2011 14:05 - Canada

Today, I was absentmindedly playing with a piece of lint. When I looked at it, I realized that I had been rolling and squeezing a dead spider in my fingers for about five minutes. FML
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F the spiders life.

Being deadly afraid of spiders myself, I can honestly say FYL:(


Is that a problem? At least it wasn't alive.

maybe it was alive and all the rolling and playing killed the spider

now she'll be somewhat of a spiderman (woman)

f the spiders life. It's dead, you're not, get over it.

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15-your cat is adorable

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*comment unrelated to the comment on which I am responding*

you killed charlotte! you bitch!

50 Charlotte was the pig...what story were you told?

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53 Charlotte was the spider... Wilbur was the pig

littlemissFYL 5

right? i don't what all these people are bitching about. it's just a dead spider, there's NOTHING disgusting and creepy about that. you fool.

OP you are just retarded is all I can say.

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Wow this is making me feel so paranoid now. I hate spiders.

48-A spider has 8 legs therefore an arachnid

48 just saying spider are not insects I knew that and I'm only in 7th grade

Lmfao, #56, it wasn't you? Then who was it exactly?

he goes on fml in his sleep. its a disease called beinadouchitis

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lol annoying

I disagree! Her name is MissBrainDamage and she's calling OP retarded...oh the awkward irony...

F the spiders life.

Or maybe the spider was liberated from its pointless existence to experiment something better who knows!

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Today, I was just squished and rolled in someone's fingers. FML

or what if this was the great grandson of that hugeass spider from harry potter? uh oooohhh

What life? It's dead.

there isn't a difference? jk

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You stupid

omg!!!! I literally lol from this comment and the fml

That's how doctor Frankenstein started. Watch it, if you have ideas of dismembering it and then sew it back together !

haha love that^

Gross, yet funny :D

you tortured the spider?

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that is fucking nasty. I find spiders extremely hard to kill. they always somehow escape the tissues

Meanwhile it's really easy to let them live: just leave them the fuck alone ! You should try.

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there is no living for any spider that crosses my path.

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depends on the spider, after the legs reach a certain thickness it's over I don't do none of that mutant tarantula shit :D

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Yeah but even daddy long-legs wont survive in my house.

lol #8 I hate that. you think you got it in the tissue, then it just disappears. then I cry like sissy girl

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USE A SHOE It is much more effective than a slim strip of paper.

ok ok ok u. will bow tell u the technique of killing a spider with a tissue, alright u first sneak up on it like a ninja then u strike it with ur tissue with all ur might. then u turn around and say mission exacuted

Spiders are awful things. o.o they need to be killed. I just throw things at them until they die.

btw spiders eat pest such as roaches so spiders or roaches?

so does that mean whoever disliked my comment would like a house filled with roaches?

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Me gusta!

This is why people should be made illegal.

Being deadly afraid of spiders myself, I can honestly say FYL:(

I am love with you