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By  GodPart2  |  20

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  kirasant  |  19

It gives her an easier time getting it back if she contacts authorities, which is what OP should do if the roommate really won't return it. If someone picked up a few hundred dollars of yours and decided it was theirs you wouldn't let them get away with it; guard your paintings the same way, OP. If the roommate won't give it back, call the cops. You have the paint at least and the roommate can't have any proof that it's theirs.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

roommate thought it was a gift from someone else, so signing it would remove that issue. unless the roommate thought OP was secretly in love with her....
but that's a different problem

  DaFoo  |  2

Ok, then what if you invited friends over and one od them took a wad of cash from you. If they say it was a gift, would that allow them to get away with it?

  ItsJustMe1616  |  26

Like others have said before me OP, just sign your work, and then on the back write "Property of (insert your full name here)" that way there can be no possible confusion and in the event your roommate attempts to call the police or steal it again and you need to call the police, there will be no question as to whom the painting belongs to. Oh, and I'd gtfo ASAP lol sounds like your roommate is crazy.

  LalaDee561  |  8

I say while OP's room mate is sleeping, or maybe when she leaves for work, OP should proceed to sign the artwork to prove who's it is and then when the roommate gets back, go on to retrieve the painting. At least if authorities are called OP will have proof of who it belongs to with the signature.

By  SweetasCandy0609  |  28

OP just take it back when she is working or sleeping and put it in storage or see if a family member you know you can trust will hang on to for you it's yours don't let her walk all over you or she will just keep doing it.