By lowlife123 - 01/05/2012 03:01 - United States - Manawa

Today, I found out my boyfriend gave me a surprise birthday present: herpes. FML
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Guess your relationship is gonna be a lil "bumpy" after it's not too painful

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The gift that keeps on giving.


Guess your relationship is gonna be a lil "bumpy" after it's not too painful

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Don't worry, with or with out herpes I'll lo...scratch that. I only love you without herpes

Keeps coming back but is not removable like a tattoo. Just a little keepsake for when y'all break up.

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I was at a fight and a hockey game broke out..

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I'm sorry that happened to you. I know you will still find someone to love you one day. Just remember it's not your fault.

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Atleast it wasn't aids, and or a deadly virus.

It's kind of like AIDS in the sense that you can pretty much only date other people who have it, and it makes your life miserable.

You dont have to only date other people with the disease. You just have to learn how to be open about it, when in a relationship.

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Bullshit! Haha! This is America...

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87- that's gross, I wouldn't enter a relationship knowing that my partner would give me herpes D: don't know what kind of upbringing you've had but I'd like to think people use more commonsense.

106, I would struggle being in a relationship with someone who had herpes but they aren't guaranteed to pass it on. It's only contagious when flared.

106 - are you ******* serious? they have a disease.. it's not like they said hey let me get some herpes and leave it right here. I don't believe you're questioning someone's upbringing based on the fact that they'd still possibly love a person despite their physical circumstance. so shut the hell up, and simply stick to your own opinion.

There are medications that control outbreak make it more difficult to transmit to other people.

112- i totally agree...i actually know two people that got herpes from being raped and one has been married for 40+ years without passing it so its possible to have a healthy relationship and everything and saying its gross to be with someone who has it is ignorant. What if you were already with that person and you ended up in this situation would you just stop loving them?

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Did he keep the receipt? Because you might want to take that back.

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I sure wouldn't want to date someone with an STD or STI

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Yes there are treatments you and your next or current partner can take/do to prevent the spread of herpes.

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106 - she could have been in love with that boyfriend. He might have cheated on her then transferred it back to her. It's not always that persons fault because they are "dirty" or anything like that.

148, Why not? STIs are pretty cool cars.

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Std and sti are the same thing -_-

Aids is a syndrome not something you can catch

AIDS is a syndrome caused by a virus you can "catch" sexually.

std means sexually transmitted disease. Sti means sexually transmitted infection. diseases and infections are completely different. u cAn cure an infection with antibiotics...but a disease doesn't have a cure. even something that helps doesn't kill it, it only keeps it at bay. plus a disease is a virus, so there completely different on a cellular level too.

No.. Health issues with sexual organs due to sex have always been called STD's. Health professionals NOW(and in the past few years) refer to them as STI's. Because it makes more sense. Gonorrhoea is not a disease. Its an infection. They aren't diseases at all really.

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Best present EVER. (sarcasm intended)

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See if you can get a refund lol

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I guess he forgot to wrap it.

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The gift that keeps on giving.

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That really sucks :( Happy birthday, though :P

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hellbilly205 17

Haha, that just made my day! :)

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At least he gave you something and haven't forgot :P

At least he gave you something. Or At least he didn't forget.

stupid ass! why would anyone want Herpes?

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The gift that keeps on giving.

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Well that's original, of course she'll be riding a bike or kayaking with her Valtrex in no time. Go Pack fans huh lmao

Even with protection, there is still a chance (lower than being unprotected) you can catch an SYD/STI. Nothing can be protected 100%.

Except for abstinence... That's the only thing that'll work 100% of the time ;)

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The drink? Of course it works 100% of the time

Does'nt help with a condom when you got herpes im afraid. Only thing you can do is wait it out with abstinence. In extreme and rare cases herpes breaks out all over your body, even your scalp and eyes. A herpes sore on your lip can give someone genitalia herpes, it transfers very similar as how mono does, so from now on be careful with glasses and kissing when you feel am outbreak coming along. Some can be lucky and only get an outbreak once, but others can get it every month as stress and even getting your period sometimes triggers it to break out. Im sorry op, there are creams to sooth the pain, even pills that might help. Talk to your doctor as quick as possible!

35 - Abstinence? Ahhh.. I remember the days when children were so innocent..

The herpes virus in a cold sore and genital herpes are two completely different strains of the virus.

49 is correct. Also note that the herpes virus can still transfer during sexual contact even when the virus is not manifesting physically on the skin.

It is the same virus, but different variations of it, so it can actually go from mouth to genitalia. It's called hsv-1 and hsv-2, and they can overlap each other giving you both by a person with oral herpes. (why you do not go down on another person while having an outbreak) Genitalia herpes is not as common as oral herpes though. If you dont believe me, heres one of many links I found whih explains it;

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I just learned so much from reading all yalls comments lol

42- Eye herpes? I can't imagine a worse kind of hell. :o

I have herpetic Keratitis. A strain of herpes that instead of bursting my lip or nose, went through my iris and cornea. Happened firs when I was 3 years old; every 7 years it reawakens and I have to be in complete darkness for a week.. Best of luck OP.

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Unfortunately, that's the gift that keeps on giving. Edit: Barely beaten to it.

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Great minds think alike, I suppose. ;)

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If he knew he had it you can sue (in some states).

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She already got herpes for her birthday, let's not encourage her to file a lawsuit against her own boyfriend, too. One can only handle so much. :)

Specifically, in Wisconsin, you can sue him if you can prove he knew he had it and knowingly was 'intimate' with you without informing you of the risks of engaging with him while he's infected. Call a personal I jury attorney and they will file right away for you!

*personal INJURY attorney - I was typing fast and made a typo! :(

Ya for negligent sex, actually learned about that rule in business law

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We all know you wanted gonorrhea. Maybe next year!