By Jenniesaurus - United Kingdom - Lancaster
Today, I was walking my dogs when a woman at a bus stop quite rudely exclaimed, "Keep those mutts away from my kid". I replied just as rudely that I wouldn't want them anywhere near her dirty sprog. It was then we both realised she was a customer that I regularly talk to at work. FML
Jenniesaurus tells us more :
Finally had something FML-worthy to write and it got up! Wow, I'm surprised at the amount of supportive comments, they definitely make me feel a little better! I admit I shouldn't have been quite so rude, but I am fiercely protective of my dogs (they're rescue dogs and I've had them for 13 years) and I really don't like kids, and especially the mothers that, like her, look like they can't even look after themselves. I called the child dirty because he was quite literally dirty, stains all down his shirt and crumbs and chocolate all around his mouth. I know they may have happened since she left the house and the mum might have no way to clean him but there are so so many women on benefits who just have children for the sake of it around my area when they obviously can't afford to look after them. My two biggest peeves, women like that and people insulting dogs got to me big time! Thankfully I haven't seen her in work yet, hoping she'll steer clear of me and go to a different cashier in the future....
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  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

Shouldn't have insulted your dogs, rude woman. Probably better behaved than her kid.
Surely you can't be disciplined for something said outside of work, especially provoked?

  Just_A_Tree  |  20

I know plenty of people who use the term "walking my dog" as a way of saying masturbating. As in "what were you doing last night?" "Oh, I was... Uh... You know... Just walking my dog..." It's more commonly used by the really immature guys. But, it makes this FML a little bit more interesting and weird to read it with that perspective.

  tigerisabelle  |  31

#84, You don't make any sense. At all. Pretty damn obvious he's not talking about jacking off. OP, that sucks, but it's sincerely not your fault. Don't worry about it too much!

  blueblu97  |  16

You're right, except that I meant about coincidentally getting into a vocal fight with someone you see regularly and didn't recognize until it was too late. maybe think it through before you criticize somebody.


Some companies have stipulations in their employment contract that the employee is a representative of the company and should always conduct themselves in a professional manner in public. Of course, most of these are based on if you are identifiable as an employee of said company. Who knows, if the customer makes a big enough deal to management, could get OP in trouble.

  chinaski7628  |  32

The customer could always take her business away or write bad reviews that could hurt the business. That could be damaging to OP if she is a sales person, makes a commission, or owns the business.

By  Anya_5  |  8

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  onlychildFTW  |  33

I think people need some thicker skin. Wah Wah someone said keep a mutt away from me. Ugh. Overly sensitive people everywhere. So the person was a jerk to OP, get over it and move on. No reason to be a jerk back. 2 wrongs don't make a right as the saying goes.

By  thebigtwinkie  |  28

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  Bigfabthetruth52  |  22

that is a good point 106,he could of been a little more self aware in that situation

By  chuka81  |  27

From what I know of FML bosses, you're probably in huge trouble with your boss. And I won't say you don't deserve it. Two wrongs cannot make a right, replying a rude comment with another rude comment isn't appropriate.

  nix1993  |  41

It's actually one of the few times that it's completely appropriate... If someone makes an unprovoked and unnecessarily rude comment towards you for no other reason than to create an issue, then it is completely acceptable to be rude back. Why should OP be polite to a woman who would speak to what she thought was a stranger like that? Some people don't deserve to be the recipient of good manners and common courtesy.

  Blippety  |  23

It isn't appropriate to be rude to someone who was rude to you because it doesn't help the situation, gives the person who was rude to you an even worse impression of you, and may well provoke an argument.

  BBeffedmylife  |  28

A coworker of mine got written up for how he treated a regular customer outside of work. He happened to see her at the grocery store and let her know how he really felt about how she treated him the last time she was at our work. She called our manager and sure enough, they wrote him up. I think it had something to do with representing the business badly.

  aire101  |  16

In the case of the co worker approaching the customer outside of work, the difference there is that the confrontation was about work, even though it was off the clock and property. So in that case yes the co worker was being a poor reflection on the company. OP's situation however shouldn't be held over her at work bc it had nothing to do with work at all. Unless the OP works at a day care. Then it might be a problem.