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Today, I was washing my hands in the bathroom when I looked up and saw a spider on my cheek. Panicking, I slapped myself in the face as hard as I could to kill it. Turns out the spider was on the mirror. FML
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On the brightside your pimp hand's warmed up.

jjames7543 13

I would have loved to have seen you do that


Hahaha that's funny, but I wouldn't try squashing a spider on my cheek... Spider juices!

rexgar2000 10

if the spider was actually in your face, you would've been vomiting from the guts of the spider all over your face.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

4- What does your profile mean, that it is bad to support same sex marriage? 17- Or OP would have turned the water on in the sink which was right in front of them and washed their face, if the water wasn't on already.

Llama_Face89 33

Puking because you squished a spider on your face? I'm guessing you have a very weak stomach, yes?

kcircuses2 4

17- I would be very concerned if the spider was IN ones face

Just imagine if there were others in the toilet. Their reaction would be EPIC.

13FTW 9

#1 which you made it so clear that you were number 1, FML is a site about people misfortune and hilarious stories. Not a free sex website. Please don't say "hmu" then proceed to write your number.. Freak.

43-Why so concerned? The expression "getting all up in one's face" must deeply disturb you.

On the brightside your pimp hand's warmed up.

enonymous 8

WHAT DID THE 5 FINGERS SAY TO THE FACE!? (Slap) ha ha ha I'm Rick James Bitch.

jallred254 4
rallets 22

94 - your bieber hair ******* sickens me next?

#99, you're beard.. Doesn't sicken me at all..

ceilingfans 1

102 the way you eat that sammich arouses me

SystemofaBlink41 27

Well OP really deserves a *facepalm*...

itsmichelle97 0

99- seeing as I'm what, like 10 years older than that little ****(I don't know how old he is) and I'm in the military, and my profile states that it is an old picture of me, I don't see how the hell my hair is Bieber hair.

At least you didn't see the spider on your nuts...

kelsey_katie 17

120, That's not bieber hair! Lol. And even if it was, you are still about 100x more attractive than he is. ^dont take that the wrong way... But it's true..(:

Well thanks, I've always wanted to be more attractive than a prepubescent boy.

You're DEFINITELY better looking then him :)

Woah now ladies, let's not all clamor for me at once.

ImFrackinBored 13

Your just a special kind of stupid aren't you?

You're just a special kind of retard, aren't you? Your grammar and spelling sucks.

kelsey_katie 17

140, Hahaha! You're welcome,(:

jjames7543 13

I would have loved to have seen you do that

I'm sure the spider appreciated the show!

The spiders! The spiders want me to tap dance. I don't wanna tap dance! Tell those spiders Ron. Goddamn spiders.

_cassandra__fml 4

Agreed. It sounds really funny.

Oh spiders. They get you every time don't they? One time I had found a spider on left eyebrow so I wacked it with the dull side of a knife. Wrong side anndd it was just a piece of fuzz.

Llama_Face89 33

Wow...i was going to say OP was a dumbass but you have 'em beat by far...

lilcatisawesome 7

Shouldn't you do an fml on that?????! Yikesies!!!!!?!

eviegirl247 0

You guys actually believe him? First of all why would he randomly be holding a knife and even if he was why would he be somewhere where he can see his reflection?

curlyfry33 8
ImFrackinBored 13

136- Tell it at a party and make some friends.

Too bad you didn't use the wrong side of the knife.

punkin_26 16

Bet you felt really stupid!!!The best part-you could have kept that dumbass move to yourself for the rest of your life considering nobody was in the bathroom with you to be witness to your stupidity. But instead you decided to share that with the rest of us. Thank you!!

You're not quite grasping the idea behind this site yet, are you, Punkin?

“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us!”

punkin_26 16

Actually Levvy I do grasp the concept of this site just fine. I was mearly thanking OP for sharing their story with us. That is all. What else do you say to a person that just smacked their own face. And yes Ravagedsoul they may have submitted post as anonymous because they are to some degree embarassed by their brief moment of stupidity, however they still chose to share it with us. And ast3150 was right. The people on this site are very cruel and unforgiving as if they never said or did anything stupid in their life. But that is what makes it entertaining. So again I will say thank you op. I laughed my ass off.

Fair enough. I was misreading your tone by a mis-inferrence from your wording. My bad entirely.

punkin_26 16

Hey, it's cool we all make mistakes.

Now, now, did you happen to be smiling at yourself and saying "whose that sexy beast?" .... ;) karma.

cookie_3008 4

Im so sorry... This really made me laugh. ^_^

olpally 32

Major *facepalm* by op... Way to go smart one... Lmao

Even IF the spider was on your face, you don't slap it. You flick it off. Why would you want a spiders flesh on your face?

iFizzgig 11

And how do you think Charlotte felt about that?

Same as you when you took your profile picture