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Today, I finally lost my virginity. Too bad it cost me every last shred of self-respect and involved begging a hooker to take my money. FML
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That should have been a clear sign that it wasn't the right time to lose it...


And yet people are voting for your life sucks. No the hooker you paid sucks and you deserve op. Every dollar of it .

I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to say YDI, buddy. I know it seems rough when you gotta wait for that sort of thing, but wouldn't it have been so much nicer if it were with someone you truly loved?

michaelaranda 28

I didnt lose my virginity to someone i loved, and most guys i know decided not to wait for the right person. That being said, I regretted losing my virginity, even though she was a hot college girl (i was still in hs). I still wish i had mine. Im pretty sure op, you will regret this way more than you can even imagine. And that sucks.

mission accomplished!!His goal was to get laid not to save his virginity for some sentimental reason to make him warm and fuzzy inside later in life.fyl for having to pay/beg for it

Ain't no one got time for love, gotta live life by the second. But never with hookers, that's just degrading and sad.

There's nothing wrong with hiring a pro. They're like bartenders. They'll listen to anything you say. And some of them are pretty damned good at it. That said, t's a little crazy to hire one of the street. You never really know what you're getting until it's too late.

I'm more worried about what's getting into you when you hire em off the street.

#1 is correct and if I were you I would be getting checked for every known STI under the sun.

There's a sad reality that some people may never get that. Sometimes they've been cursed with bad looks, or a disability. Sometimes they're just so awful with women that they never get anywhere when it comes to talking with them. Honestly I feel for OP. FYL OP.

You're assuming that "Losing your viriginity with somebody you truly love" is an available option for most males. This is a misunderstanding of the male condition. (There's some complicated reasons why this is so - but you can start getting some feeling for this by thinking about "How attractive do I find truly desperate, clumsy guys?")

That should have been a clear sign that it wasn't the right time to lose it...

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wow OP I really hope she was attractive. I'd give it up for money too if it was a lot. more like FHL.

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I think she needs to head to wherever they sell moral compasses

I bet you're glad it won't happen again, eh?

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Focus on books and college! With the time you'll save for additional studies since you won't have a social life you'll get your PhD more quickly; then you can just buy women

Where the hell does it say that he's in college?

"you can just buy women"....... How the.... what the.... why do those thoughts even go through your head?

Fairly simply if you head to the north side . Across the street bam . Not saying it's right but it's pretty damn obvious .

ShadowlessSpear 21

Don't be like that, what if OP wants to buy men too ?

Tenure-track positions are really hard to come by, so if OP gets a Ph.D., he'll most likely be stuck with crap-paying adjunct jobs. The only way he'd get any tail is if he picked up some doe-eyed freshman girl who didn't know any better, and then he'd get fired for violating the school's code of conduct. I'd say OP should just sign up for online dating!

a female lacking a social life could do the same thing. and 'buying a woman' doesn't imply looking down on women, all men and women have a, not mysogyny

Why was this comment this down voted? If this guy realized that losing the virginity to a hooker is a worthy FML, he is on the road to find the real thing.

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Well I bet that was clearly worth it. Now off to the clinic who may be taking your next payments.

I'll probably never loose my viginity as I'm very shy but I'd rather be a virgin than a one hit wonder with mushrooms going on my junk. That would for sure decreases my ability to attract a significant other.

Now you can start on the path of living your life with HIV. Good luck.