By cloudberry - 27/05/2012 08:00 - United States - Astoria

Today, I told my mom I was going out to hang out with some friends. She looked me dead in the eye and said, "Don't lie to me." FML
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We're you lying to her? Or does she only think you're a loser?

We're you lying? LOL learn proper English.. It's were you lying. We're means we are

Bring some friends over, show her she's wrong :)

Yeah i just took autocorrect off my phone and my ipod. It just pisses me off

The friends are real! Their names are Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, Coco, and Cheese. ...someone please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers that show.

I like autocorrect. I don't have to type the whole word so I can spend more time being lazy.

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48-I have season one on DVD! Seasons 2 and after are super expensive :-/ that's when cheese came along! Damnit! I'm going watch foster's now!

Why don't you read the rest of the responses and realise he said 'iPhone'?

48 Fortunately no... I used to love that show. Didn't like cheese very much....

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48-loved that show, cheese was the best

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12 - Such a fail. Love it when they fail harder than what they commented on. Good job

#60 They have already established that. I would like to suggest reading the comments under the original commenter.

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Autocorrect can go to he'll.

Or imaginary, see what I did there?

You don't say "dead in the eyes", stop trying to be a smartass.

Op didn't say he/she had friends. He/she just said they were hanging with some friends. Op could have been hanging with somebody else's friends. Which is kind of creepy now that I think about it.

That must be quite a bad feeling you have then..

That's probably why it's posted in

Just a common way of wording things with body parts. Ex." I took an arrow in the knee. "

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One eye is all OP needs. With one eye, they're still open and free to the world of evil.

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I'm pretty sure they were being

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An arrow to the knee is a horrible example.

Note to self: be more obvious when quoting Cyanide and Happiness. BIBLE, 1 Corinthians 10:13

Aww :( I'm so sorry about that. You have an extremely rude mother! Well I hope you explained the story to her, and she apologized. Have fun with your friends! :)

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My mom thinks someone bullies me , and that's why I keep missing my morning classes. -.-

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24 - Cool story bro, let me be the first to say all of our lives are richer having heard it.

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Well are you being bullied? Why are you missing classes. Did you hear about that girl who was put in jail for missing classes in Texas?

"No, no, I am. Their names are Herp, Nota Realname, and Topsy Kretts!" But seriously, OP, that sucks. Try bringing them round the house to prove they're real.

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Lmao I love the play on words:D

I really, REALLY hope "Topsy Kretts" was a Number 23 reference. But yeah, sorry OP. That does stink.

Bring them home, and prove her wrong!

But then they might have to actually meet OP's mother.

That's what I always told my mom when I "really" was hanging out with a guy I knew she wouldn't approve of instead. Parents are smart now a days because they know what lies they told their parents to get away with murder. If you weren't lying, then just say so without blinking.(: