By Anonymous - 10/12/2011 03:41 - United States

Today, I asked my boyfriend if I've gained weight. He replied, "Why do you think I've been so often on top lately?" FML
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Why do you need to ask someone of you've gained weight you can just step on a scale

Well, its less "work" for you :)


Well, its less "work" for you :)

Guys are suppose to be on top anyways

n_epic_fail 14

Step on a scale instead of putting your boyfriend in an awkward situation. He either has to lie to boost your ego or tell the truth and be busted on FML...

Well I like being on top too because knowing I'm pleasing my man is a great feeling

wikkedphuka 0

really? and what state passed that law? ohhh ur virgin i see carry on * virgin statement from 13

Not so funny. Try better next time.

AliCat18 12

#13 spoken like a true fifteen year old....clueless!

iArmy 6

27, great way to put it. Brutally honest though, gotta love those people.

Agreed 86. I like being on top just as much as bottom, but my boyfriend likes me on top better so that's how we do it.

DJDude_Arazely 10

You actually took the time to comment just to say it wasn't all that funny? You're that bored.... so am i sometimes. Not the point. WHY? O.o

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Be grateful he is honest about it and if your weight gain bothers you can always do something about it.

^100% what they said!

nixter5 18

It's like that episode of 1,000 ways to die, a fat chick passes out after having an orgasm while riding her boyfriend and suffocates him to death haha.

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True that!

He has been honest with you. He hasn't told you to lose weight or that you look bad. So get to the gym, lose those extra kilos and blow him away! If he's honest about you gaining weight hell be honest when you lose it.

Why do you need to ask someone of you've gained weight you can just step on a scale

To see if it actually looks like the lost weight is gone is my guess.

You are a loser SOTY

45-That was kinda uncalled for...

45- I'll take that as constructive criticism?

54 or she was just obviously being a bitch. "Got important stuff to do, like buy shoes and hate you!" Or maybe you were just that important to her. Lol. =P

Stop rubbing it in 45. Just kidding.

45- the fuck are you doing? Am I missing something?

She probably can't see the scale when standing on it.

gingerrrr88 11

She could be losing fat and gaining muscle so weighing yourself wouldnt be totally accurate. I don't weigh myself, I just go off of if I look thin

#45 is fat anyway

Just lay back and enjoy the show asked for it.

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On top of what? His game with other women? Where's his playa card it's revoked now anyway

On top of her obviously. Don't you watch porn? everyone is doing it

On top of her during sex. Some people these days...

Some people prefer the standing style I guess xD LAWL

Why do goth/ emo people use such weird emoticons? The world may never know.

Dude you have to cone up with better comments. I always see your post getting th

Meant to type thumbed down before my app crashed. -_- come*

ride him like a horse see if u break his spine

Dang, that sucks OP.

builditbetter09 3

No, your comment sucks...I come to be entertained by ridiculous and malicious comments... And I get this -_-

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I love being on top. :[

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Me too!!!!!!!!

kikiwi_fml 9

Haha pervert. ;P