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Today, I got yelled at and called a pedo by a mother after I sat down in a swing next to her daughter. I was too embarrassed to tell her that I'm a 20 year old who really does enjoy swinging in my spare time. FML
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Why can't 20 year olds enjoy swinging? There's nothing wrong with that

Welcome to the real world, where every male is a pedo...


Why can't 20 year olds enjoy swinging? There's nothing wrong with that

I agree... I'm 20 and I still love swings!

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I am 24.. I love swinging too.. And I choose to ignore the stairs!

1- exactly! There's nothing wrong with it. People always complain that people are growing up 'too fast' and then turn around and yell at them for being pedo's when they still like something they enjoyed during their childhood. No wonder my generation is messed up.

I think we all need to celebrate by having a swingers party

My university has swings! I would swing all the time in them as would others.

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He should of called her a stereotypical person and left in your van with tinted windows

I read the second line before the first and was expecting an FML about polyamory. My mistake!

I'm 20 yro and I LOVE swinging (bonus of having kids I can do it whenever I want!!!!)

It's ridiculous that you were called a pedo for merely sitting next to a child and enjoying a public facility (I'm assuming). I know today you can't be to careful with your children. But, sometimes it's seems that parents in today's society have taken matters to extremes. Continue enjoying a simple way of relaxing and having a good time. I'm only two years younger than you and I still enjoy swinging. Don't stop :)

Probably still worked out for the best that you didn't tell her, "I'm 20 and into swinging". As that could carry an entirely different connotation.

Well it's unfair that he called a pedo, but playgrounds are for kids. If you are 20 and like to swing (nothing wrong with that) you need to install your own somewhere, not fair to take away the kids' toys, either.

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I'm 24. My friends and I still race to the swings trying to get the best one. Nothing wrong with swinging. :)

What's wrong with swinging? I'm still a kid so people may not find it weird for me but I know when I'm older I will not be too grown up to swing

There are plenty of mothers that swing with their children. They don't get called pedos.

Welcome to the real world, where every male is a pedo...

Pretty much...I bet dollars to dimes that if op was a girl the mother would of been completely fine with it.

So I can become a pedo and get away with it? :)

Well... haha, let's face it, you see stories of female teachers sleeping with students, and people just cheer the guy, who was actually statuary raped... Maybe not legally you can, but it's seen as more socially acceptable :(

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Bob your picture matches the subject do flawlessly.... Yotsubaaa~!

24- go ahead and touch a few little boys and see what's said lol. I bet it will be something like your a ***** and the boys are champs and nothin will be said about you being a pedo

Xayce - you can be my Xayce pedo any day... Rawr... Not appropriate? Meh, I'll take the Xayce thumb downs then...

I was at a park a while ago with a few friends: we were just having lunch and playing around. Someone called the cops and told us to move on :-(

You, 33, a pedo? Bear in mind it ain't easy being sleazy. Thumbs up if you found the joke.

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97-what is this, YouTube?

If this site has taught me anything, it's if you fish for thumbs up you get thumbs down. No questions.

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Go sit on the slide instead.

But but but the slide isn't the same as the swing...and not half as fun

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he'd probably bump into some kid coming down and get called a pedo again....maybe even pepper sprayed?

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Well you can only give a slight burst of excitement from a slide, the swing on the other hand can provide hours of pleasure.

And get kicked in the back by kids coming down? I think not.

Lol that park should make more swings!

Why? There are plenty enough swings for OP to swing on plus at least one kid. That mom should just stop judging people, swinging on the swings at any age should be perfectly acceptable because it is so unbelievably fun! :)

To be fair, a lot of children's play areas have a sign saying they're only for children. But still, people these days...super paranoid. If you kept staring at the kid maybe fair enough but if you literally just sat there then **** your life and the little girl's life for having a jerk of a mum. Everyone knows that everyone loves swings.

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I do agree with you but it's better that the mother be paranoid rather than not giving a shit about her child. There's a lot of parents who are neglectful toward their children and it's sickening. (esp in today's society)

People are so damn paranoid. It's gotten to the point that I even get weird looks when I say hello to a child at the cash register when I was a cashier. Being nice does not mean someone is a chimo.

Wtf is the the matter with you?! Swinging is awesome. And you should have looked that woman in the face and set her straight.

Why run the risk of her calling the cops, and then having them politely ask you to leave? In the end, causing a scene for this might be futile, and make you look like a bad guy.

16 - Because of the over-protective mother, he looked like a bad guy anyway. I say cause that scene!

Maybe you're right! It would be good to teach her a lesson, maybe she'd see why she was being a fool in the end. I'd just not have enough balls to do it haha. I'd probably go home and rant about it on the internet like OP here :)

Yes 32, cause that scene. Then you can call your mum and dad from the local jail.

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cause a scene, then leave quickly. whats so hard about it?

True, cause a scene and leave. You're going to be running the risk of getting in trouble whether you stay there to cuss her out or sit on the swings. You may also want to consider now sitting there staring at her child, licking your lips and rubbing your groin. Too bad FML wouldn't let you attach a photo of the look on her face, because I'm sure it would be absolutely classic. The stupid bint is going to keep on harassing anyone who is near her child anyway, might as well get a laugh out of it.

so instead of telling her that you like'd rather get called a pedo? lol logic these days

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I don't think the mother would fall for an excuse like that when she's paranoid about her daughter getting sexually abused. Lol dumb guy thinking he's seen an obvious solution these days. (Note the sarcasm, as there is no sarcasm font)

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Explaining that OP likes to swing wouldn't magically take back the fact he was called a pedo from the start. And as the comment above me says, irrational mothers won't care about an explanation.

I too am an avid "swinger." I feel your pain...

I love swinging in my free time but that just sucks! Sorry op