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  cadillacgal79  |  32

51-There is nothing wrong with country, If somebody likes a different genre of music than you than there is no need to hate on it, simple as that, you can say you don't care for it and leave it at that.

  shrdlu  |  28

#44: Read the play "Death of a Salesman." One of the characters (Biff) was everything you're not, and still discovers he's a failure.

By  bizarre_ftw  |  21

Here's what'cha do. Look her dead in the eye and say "I know" then slip in to your leather ass-less chaps, grab your ball gag and whip, call up some 'friends' to meet you at a preappointed hotel room for your weekly 'game', then hop onto the back of a large black motorcycle driven by some large, creepy looking biker dude, and finally: wave good bye to mummy and say "I love you!" (then as an after thought) "you can't get pregnant in the ass, right?! Ah, I'll figure it out, no worries!"
(btw, vultures, I do know op is a guy, and no, I have no issue with LGBT people)

  13FTW  |  9

What the fuck. Normally I thumb up for long comments because, the commenter took some effort but, after reading that, I'd rather shit lead logs out of my ass.

(Previous FML reference)

  FranzFerdinand  |  18

Lead logs? You shouldn't have to deal with that. I hear there's medication to turn them back into floaty flakers… 8D

Hm, her comment wasn't thaaat bad. Just annoying, haha.