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  fuckyourlifeOP  |  25

lol, OP posts another FML the next day.

"Today, I saw that my FML was published. My mom actually had a surprise planned for me, but I had already submitted the FML. My mom saw it, and now hates me. FML"

  Sandman366  |  6

36-The cake is a lie. Perhaps that's why OP's mom thought he was lying? She got her internet and life mixed up? (Pulling at straws....I'm so going to get the short one...)

  tashb  |  17

Happy birthday OP. If we could send you a huge cake, we all would. Just know that your birthday would never be disregarded in our lives! You matter to all of us! Hugs!

  sexual_girl  |  15

She never said she wanted to "drag her poor mother out". I'm 20 but I still enjoy going out for a casual birthday dinner with my family, I'd be upset if they forgot as well.

  JBChristian  |  46

Not only forgetting, even telling OP to "stop lying". That's something that can leave a long lasting emotional scar. Nothing hurts like rejection.

By  gracehi  |  31

See, if that were me, I'd think I was finally getting that surprise birthday party I've always wanted. The day's not over yet, OP!

...Or is it? When did you submit this?

By  Michael903  |  18

Just go out till you feel like coming home. When your mom tries to tell at you for coming in past curfew say, "Don't lie to me that's not my curfew."