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By  tounces7  |  26

Well, this is kind of ironic.

Gay in the 1980s - can't come out to parents for fear of ostrization.

Gay in the 2010s - can't come out to parents for fear of being seen as only wanting to be popular.

I feel like this was not the direction things were supposed to go.

As someone whose mom reacted with "it's just a phase" when they came out as bi in middle school, i feel you. Though now I'm 25, pan and my mom has seen that it's who i am even though I've never brought a girl home to her. She laughs at my gay jokes now, and one day i hope you can do that with your parents one day. Good luck

By  i8cake  |  12

well, are you? 🤣

all kidding aside, I wish you much happiness in life, irrespective of who you love, just be a good person! that's all that matters.