By st00pid - 04/03/2011 06:07 - Canada

Today, I found out that if you see a picture in your boss's office of a extremely good looking, big breasted woman kissing him on the cheek, not to comment. Because that extremely good looking, big breasted woman, just might be his daughter. FML
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You're in a place of work, not the local bar it is ALWAYS inappropriate to comment on anything even the slightest bit personal. you totally deserved it for not knowing how to behave at a job.


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OP obviously didn't know any better being Canadian and all.

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And I think he meant "an extremely"

9- What are you talkin about!? Do you have any education? Being Canadian and all.. Reallyy??? Explain to me why you think Canadian don't know any better? because to me, obviously YOU are the one who don't know any better!!! I truly hate people like you who talk shit and disrespect any other country only because they're not from the states...

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Just what I was thinking drieam lol

Kaarmaa, reread your comment and apply it to yourself, you ******* hypocrite. The person you're yelling at is from Australia, you twit. Hypocrites piss me the **** off.

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Doc, thank you for speaking everything in my mind and more.

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9..... really. wow. never diss canadiens!!! we invented hockey, and we have a better health care than u. I think u need to think before you speak.

Our country is suddenly the Montreal hockey team? I'm sure she shouldn't diss Canadians, but if you're adamant about the team being the target..

Ah I love when trolls succeed... makes me laugh

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really though?? you're Canadian and you can't even spell "Canadian" right dumb ****. if you're trying to put your two sense into an argument make sure you're able to spell your own nationality right

Mizzflory, if you're going to correct someone, at least make sure your own spelling is correct. Try "two cents" rather than "two sense". I won't comment on your lack of punctuation. Refer to my "hypocrites" statement above.

Uhm 47, it's spelt Canadians.... Way to go. Please stop talking.

Doc, I love you. If I had the right anatomical features I would gladly give birth to your offspring.

So sad that the little syrup drinkers took the bait. Thank all of you for the creation of Justin Bieber.

I may be mistaken, but I think "Canadien" is not a spelling error, it is the way french speaking Canadians call themselves. And I don't understand why such a debate has appeared in response to my comment, starting from some idiot who posted his comment as a response to mine in order to be seen by everyone -_-'

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actually u didn't invent hockey and your healthcare is all socialism and the only reason u think it's good is because ur a kid and don't have to pay out the butt

Canada is what happens when you take the french people, and put them in the woods. (Say this with a french accent)

Wow what a deduction ninjacosby ... so for you, socialism = soviet russia = evil. Seriously how can people still think that way nowadays.

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The band Rush came from Canada, score settled...

67 is creepy and hilarious and yeah doc rocks!

Canada is where Justin bieber's from!! :)

94- Oh my god, thanks for informing us. It was absolutely vital we got that information. Now we can continue on not giving a ****

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Doc, are you an English teacher or something?

I think I recall hearing he was a English teacher, but I could be wrong.

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I think most people understood still.. No need to correct him on somthin small like that lol

You're in a place of work, not the local bar it is ALWAYS inappropriate to comment on anything even the slightest bit personal. you totally deserved it for not knowing how to behave at a job.

I wouldn't say ALWAYS, but there is a proper way. Instead of the OP making a stupid comment, he could of at least asked first.

19, it's still better to don't say anything at all. Some dads don't want anyone to say anything about their daughter. Imagine OP is 40 years old whilst the daughter is 18...I don't think the boss would be very happy with your comment either.

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I agree with 19. I don't think saying, "Hey, I'd like to **** the shit out of her," would be ok. However, saying something on the lines of, "Wow, she is really beautiful, you're a lucky guy," etc. It all depends on what OP actually said. "That bitch got nice *******," probably wouldn't be appropriate to say to your boss no matter what the situation.

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58, your whole comment made me crack up. But you are absolutely correct.

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I used to ask old men that'd get pissed off at me, "HEY MAN, YOU GOT ANY DAUGHTERS?" Instant psycho!

Unless of course the boss is one of those people who will now let you have a relationship with his daughter BECAUSE of your comment. Because now he knows you're interested.

If the boss was my dad in this situation I would HATE him for seeing that these pervs like OP are interested. By "this situation" I mean the situation your talking about.

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this is why your still single.

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You cannot begin a sentence with 'and' unless you are published. If you're planning on being a grammar nazi, do it correctly.

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this person didn't start it with and...

*Ahem* Let's see here.. The 'T' should be capitalized, and it's not 'your still single' because that means it is 'his still single'. It should be 'you're still single' because that means 'you are still single'.

You so deserved it,what kind of idiont would comment on a picture in their boss'soffice,your just askin for trouble,hope u got in shit for it though cause u sound like a total retard

Maybe you could have been a bit more subtle and not referred to her as "that big titty bitch". Probably should have left out the motorboating part too.

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Don't forget the part where he mentioned topping those D-cups with his special sauce.

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I always assume it's his daughter