By indian:( - 18/01/2009 21:57 - United States

Today, I realized that I hate lying to my mom about having a boyfriend. FML
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Doesn't seem like you'd be able to keep that lie up for long....

12vballchick12 5

i totally get your username op! same situation here :/

Imadumbass 16

Same. Hope all works out well, OP

And I have to lie to my mother about not having a fiancee because she hates my man. Go figure. =p

kaytee05 0

hey I feel you, I felt like sucha bad girlfrenn cuz I coodnt tell my mom bout him..she found out the hard way n that was....8 months ago, hey! were still together and couldn't be happier(:

Agreed. This is a pathetic attempt at a FML. Seems the moderaters are getting slack.

ruinit 0

i think ur just a pussy for not telling her

lupe_girl26 0

Omg that's what I thought. Granted, its an uncomfortable situation but its too common and boring. Im surprised it made it onto the site.

Vball6 19

Fml means **** my life. ******* dumbass.

ohgeeze 0

wait are you saying that you actually don't have a boyfriend? cuz that would be funny

I think so I got that out of the FML too, I hope so as that would be way more funny

I think OP might be saying that theyre gay and maybe his mom doesnt approve?

Here's a brilliant idea. Stop lying about it. Lying about it's only going to make her wrath all the more painful when she finds out. You think it's bad now? Wait until she catches you two doing the horizontal tango or something.