By Anonymous - 27/05/2012 07:42 - United States - Fresno

Today, I had three things converge that should never be together: my period, hot doctor, and a colonoscopy. FML
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perdix 29

Don't think you really had a chance with the hot doctor -- to him, you're just another asshole.


_ebbonyy 11

some doctors have to see and do some disgusting things so f both yours and the doctors lives in this scenario!

mhopper 13

Hopefully diarrhea doesn't make its way into this equation =

Ebbonyy - The difference between doctors and patients is that only one gets embarrassed during a delicate procedure. Doctors are professionals who have seen it all and then some. If you don't believe me, there's a certain blog you should read.

abceasyas123abc 12

Love the subtle self-promotion, DocBastard. (The blog is really good though. It's been bookmarked in my Safari.)

I love the blog too... Doctor's are trained to handle these situations so only OP was worried!!

Doctor's whats are trained to handle these situations?

Llamacod 11

doctor's brains, doctor's brains are trained to handle these situations

Despite the fact that the doctor has probably seen it all and then some, OP has most likely not. So I feel your pain OP and your embarrassment.

peachyFML 17

Doc, I just read your entire blog today! I'll definetly be checking for more stories. :)

It's probably not very comfortable, even if OP isn't embarrassed about it. Hell, going anywhere when you have your period can suck if you have really bad cramps, so I imagine a doctors visit with an attractive doctor probably didn't make it any more bearable.

blondebrunette11 4

Either tell the doctor you're on that time(he should understand) or let him figure it out on his own... Your choice.

Dr0reos 8

The mental image that came with it... *cringes in disgust* ohh sweet zombie jesus

#3. Your profile pic makes your comment perfect.

perdix 29

If the hot doctor is anything like Bad Santa, you won't shit right for a month!

Bad Santa? What's that? Colonoscopies are not fun. Not fun at all. I had one once. Hot doctor as well. Hope you feel better OP.

Llamacod 11

uhh, onlychildforthewin, to be a little off topic here, I read your profile and I hate to burst your bubble but rocks aren't actually alive so to say it changes over its lifetime is not really accurate

76 - don't care. It's staying the way it is.

76 is not worthy of the Captain America shield.

Hmm for the win...I would have gone f*** the world.

120- Both. A person usually has to be an imbecile to be trolling.

kandi_kid69 15

If you're just going to say "omg" why comment?

RealReasons 0

This awkward moment calls for zoidberg. (V) (•,,,,•) (V) < WHOOPWHOOPWHOOP!

Well shining armor, Celestial doesn't have a mother. (that's alive For that matter)

thiscrazything 1

Three bad things is always followed by something really good. Hope you get some really good news today!

DollGoneWrong 0

Maybe she will receive good news from her colonoscopy. Or maybe she will receive terrible news. There might be a family of worms breeding in her anus. So much that it would be impossible to heal. Then they would start a revolution and take over the body that they had claimed since the beginning as theirs.

Quick shout out to 32 for looking at the glass as half full. Of worms.

Bad news, you have anis cancer, your ass stinks, and there is a weird discharge in you pants. Good news... NCAA Lacrosse season finally started :/

113 - NCAA lacrosse season is pretty much over. Championship is tomorrow.

Sounds like fun..... NO!! I wish you were lying :(

Wow you would have looked like a 'licorice all sort' after he finished with you.

I know right!?!? It should totally be posted on a website dedicated to things that ruin people's lives! Oh wait, it is. Get out.