By Anonymous - 11/05/2012 19:30 - Sweden - G?teborg

Today, I had to pick my son up from school after he beat the crap out of another student. The words that made him go nuts were apparently, "You mad, bro?" FML
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I don't blame him. I want to punch most of the people who say that anyway


I mean at least he won!

I don't know about you, but I'm blackberry preserves;)

You jelly because I'm jamin'

I'm peanut butter. Let's get together and make some sandwiches ;) *shot*

Hey jelly I'm toast!

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We know. I'm surprised no one said the forbidden 3 words.

Lulz, u guyz r so funy wit da coments. No but seriously, what the fuck? This is still continuing?

You mad, bro? -79

I would do the same thing don't worry he's going places

I'm so jelly Clarkson.

on a scale of one to smuckers, how jelly are you?

Aww lol that sucks

6- I can't believe you got thumbed down for that! That's hilarious!

Nah Bro , I'm Nutella .

Hahahaha all of you just made my day:)

That shit is serious

U mirin brah?

128 Shane Dawson said that and he said jellena totesmez for Selena gomez

na bro im nutella.

You're married at 17?

Nah I ain't even mad.

Apparently he is, though.


Am I bovvered though? Look at my face. Look at my face. I'm not even bovvered.

yeah thats annoying!

You mad, bro? Huh ese!

Yeah he mad bro

Cool story bro, tell me another

Ill turtle slap the crap outta youu :) :)

He shoulda said "Come at me, Bro!!"

He came at him alright..

Shut the fuck up. So original. This god damn generation.

No need to get mad, you piss offed dick. He didn't used the phrase as a joke. Lighten up. People these days...

Lol piss offed? I hope to ceiling cat that you mean "pissed off"

100- *cyber hug* I pick up what your putting down.

Bro... Bro.... On a scale of 1 to bro... How bad do you wanna come at me?

167 Made my day haha

-167 Nice name/picture bro. I play as super teemo :D

U jus made buss out laughin in church!!!!!! Hahahahaha

I don't blame him. I want to punch most of the people who say that anyway

Hey, you mad br-afxhdbssdhdfcjs owbjshx sidnsjcjebdhehxh

I really hate to say, but I am with OP's kid on this one. I wouldn't of beat the crap out of someone for it, but that kid deserved every bit of it. I hate that term, it's so insulting, taunting, and more. Basically an invitation to be pummeled. A bit happy OP's son did do something about it.

That's some fighting words. Lol

It's definitely an invitation. I mean it can be funny sometimes. But not if thats all you say. I'd beat someone up too.

65 - "Them's fightin' words."

It's like YOLO, they use that as an excuse to do stupid shit

I agree with 4. Especially if they look like the trollface

At least the kid isn't the one getting the crap beaten out of for being annoying.

Haha! It's funny because he's typing a comment and making it look like someone's is fighting with him in the middle of it! Oh wait, thats not slightly funny.

That would get anyone mad, bro.

What if your a cat? YOLNT?

What if your a cat? YOLNT?

Sounds like he would've killed the boy/girl if he said "YOLO". I hate that abbreviation with such a passion.

UMAD? YOLO! COOL STORY, BRO! Oh god, kill me!

I will kill you! It is my personal goal to wipe these stupid memes from the interverse!

With cutlery? That's forked up! Too spoon? And I volunteer to get killed too

Massive killing orgy! Everyone join in. Keevarou, is there a particular way you want to be killed?

Okay! *goes on a mass murdering spree* If the cops get me, I'm blaming you two. If they don't, they must be lazy, cause I'm easy to catch xD

YOLO= You Only Love Oreos

I'd kill join your killing spree, but I'm scared I might go to jail. Aww fuck it, YOLO!!!!

#49 - YOLO = Your Obscurity Lavishes Orange

#52 Very good one(crawls back under rock)

YOLO: Your ovaries lack oranges.

YOLO: You Obviously Lack Originality

YOU OBVIOUSLY LOVE OREOS - YOLO I mean everyone loves Oreos right

Now she want a photo. You already know though, you only live once that's motto...YOLO!

If I help you, skoomaki, you outta deal me out some of that good stuff

Skooma! Oh yeah.... You want to.... buy some? Yes..... Skooma's the only thing... the only thing I have...

Ill be bringing combustible lemon koolaid. Everybody drink up!


151 - Only if you're James Bond.

YOLO= You On Little Ostriches?

Cool story bro you mad?

Its not "cool", I'm not your "bro" and I am certainly "mad". I would say that I am incredibly mad, as these memes are quite old and unfunny.

....I like the FFFUUU- meme.... Does that make me bad?

Of course not, you cute little chipmunk ^.^ But the "Bro" and "u mad" memes are overused and just meh.

:D Apparently a few others don't agree >_>

I know it's old I wanted to say it anyway relax yourself

"go HAM"? Dafuq is that?

The meme can be great, if used correctly, but most people just shout it randomly.

aisthecoolest 8

anyone else think 61 sounds like he's friends with pedobear??!?

Loool best ever!!!!!!