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  Takuya272727  |  16

I really hate to say, but I am with OP's kid on this one. I wouldn't of beat the crap out of someone for it, but that kid deserved every bit of it. I hate that term, it's so insulting, taunting, and more. Basically an invitation to be pummeled. A bit happy OP's son did do something about it.

  ethanbin  |  10

Haha! It's funny because he's typing a comment and making it look like someone's is fighting with him in the middle of it!
Oh wait, thats not slightly funny.

  SkoomaKi  |  27

Its not "cool", I'm not your "bro" and I am certainly "mad". I would say that I am incredibly mad, as these memes are quite old and unfunny.

  aisthecoolest  |  8

anyone else think 61 sounds like he's friends with pedobear??!?