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Today, I spent $500 buying my lost cat back from a jerk who thought it was his. I get home and my mom tells me that she'd sold it to the same guy for $10 because she thought the cat was ruining my love life. FML
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HarryMcC 1

I think your mum owes you $500 dollars and a better explanation.

How would a cat ruin your love life?


HarryMcC 1

I think your mum owes you $500 dollars and a better explanation.

blitz426 0

how was it ruining your love life? is your cat your lover?

I think OP's mom could be a crackhead.

that guy Is a great merch.....

OP's mom owes her $500 and sheesh! I want the original $10 gotten for the cat.

That's when it's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And i'm all out of gum...

I'll buy you a pack of bubblegum if it ensures the safety of my ass.

MizzErikaHart 8

Sux for u least u got ur precious cat back. I don't kno if I would want to buy something old that I could have gotten new for free

NastyNinja31 0

Your mom sold pussy for 10$

Don't ask for $500 back from your mother. Instead, pay her back with the same coin, and sell her something that she owns and loves for an extremely low price.

tehaustiebear 34

67- That never fixes anything, I mean she's still living with her mom so that's the last person you'd want to piss off.

andy_l 14

In order words, she implied that you should have used the $500 to buy yourself a hooker.

some_shit 0

50- maybe because it's her pet, u idiot! not just some random animal

Nobody's wondering why she would spend $500 on the cat

Actually only 490.

Why not do both?

#23 - The OP's mother probably thought that any potential boyfriend might get turned off by it. Some guys don't want to deal with a chick and their crazy cat. I don't like cats enough to date someone with one. Thankfully I don't have to worry about that. My wife and I have 3 dogs, and one of them can't stand cats.

sylphy 0

Two words: Unconditional Love. The kind that doesn't judge you on your love life or sell what's important to you. Worth more than all the money in the world.

Perhaps 490 I mean idk!

510$ don't forget the money she made

Miq94 0

you dumbass a cat is not worth 500$. no wonder our country is in shit economically, because of fools like you who burn money on stupid things.

I agree with the first comment... The OP's mother deff. owes her money for being rude!

How would a cat ruin your love life?

SmittyJA24 26

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Pet I've had and loved for a long time (or even just before the relationship started) > new relationship. Quite a few people feel the same way, so I hope you only date people who don't have pets. And, as far as it goes for the other side, if you really want to be with someone, you'll at least tolerate their pets. My partner is allergic to my cat. Solution? Claritin, simple as that.

koolkat27 13

102- I don't find dogs to be that cute. that may be a problem.

when you spend $500 on it! I would have just called the cops (smarts)

why didn't you confront your mom about it first?

IndiRae 9

"Hey mom, my cat is missing, and I have this hunch that just maybe you think he/she was ruining my love life. So I'm pretty sure you sold them to a stranger, correct me if I'm wrong though, it's just a hunch."

no I was actually just thinking he should tell his mom his cat is missing and see if she knew where he was or something.

a_nutritionist 10 assume this wasnt done? or that the mother would just nonchalantly go "oh yeah, i sold your cat for 10 bucks."?

damn .. i lost my dog too. turns out my mom gave it away cos she thought the dog was ruining my studies

a_nutritionist 10

well, at least now we know who the real culprit is...

At least you have your cat back! :D

Tobias5505 0

no he/she doesn't

Jarred0809 1

No he didn't. His mom sold it after he bought it back.

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I'd spent $500 to get my cat. It's not that it's ruining anything. He's just been there for 8 years and I love my cat very much. It's like a really good friend, who wont betray you.

applesuckers 0

Agreed! Pets are like family members. :)

hapetreefriend 1

No I agree with him if you wanna get some get a manly pet like a dog not an animal that if your a guy makes you look like a lonely cat woman

sxe_beast 11

If you feel emasculated by certain animals I feel sorry for you.

Not to mention: where in the FML does it say that the OP is a woman? There are plenty of men who love their cats, just as women do.

a_nutritionist 10

if you cant afford to spend 500 dollars on your cat, then your poverty is your own issue, dont go judging everyone else for having jobs.

dstivers 0

Thats when you sell her car saying it's interfering with her staying in the kitchen and making sandwiches.

PSQ91 6

I don't say that often, but this is an epic comment ^^

or sell the house and say she needs to get in touch with nature.

Sell her bed. Tell her its exacerbating her back problems. Sell her TV. Tell her she needs more exercise. Sell her kitchen. Tell her she needs to eat less. Sell her parakeet, tell her its stunting her social skills. A love life isn't that important, and pets are generally good judges of future partners anyway.

ImmaB3AST 7

If you sell the kitchen that's like selling her soul? And way to take the joke too far.

dstivers 0

If you sell the kitchen, where is she supposed to make the sandwiches?

dstivers 0

Selling kitchen=nowhere to make sandwiches.

beanstar11 5

Should have catnapped him back!