By seriously - 24/05/2013 07:04 - United States

Today, my mom accused my cat of being a "manipulator", and said that we should get rid of him. FML
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Get rid of your mom.

I think it's a little much for people to be calling other animals "manipulators". We're clearly much more manipulative species than they will ever be.


Get rid of your mom.

I can tell you're going to win a Darwin Award before you're 30

I'm thinking #1 is the aforementioned evil cat genius.. Anyone?

Anyone else not understand the internet obsession of cats?

46 - Is there something wrong with loving cats?

I feel like dogs are going to have to rise up and run the cats off the internet. Just like we did in egypt!

Llamassss 21

Well then stop spoiling the cat!

Llamassss 21

Apparently no one here knows how to train an animal. If you spoil the animal it will continue to behave poorly. I'm 99% certain that is why the mother is calling the cat a "manipulator".

60 percent of the time it works every time...

drayloon 50

Maybe they're just pussy-whipped

You should listen to your mama!

I think #3 is right. We humans have had far too much fun on this planet screwing around with almost every known thing in this world. I have a feeling that that that the 4 legged creatures are becoming smarter; OMG OP's mum is right too...

Shh we all know that you're drunk.

I think it's a little much for people to be calling other animals "manipulators". We're clearly much more manipulative species than they will ever be.

Agreed. after all, we domesticated them, not the other way around.

Thats true, but this FML really makes me wonder what the cat did exactly....

perdix 29

#14, at least that's what the cats would have you think ;)

Ins0mau 20

I dunno. We ARE the number one manipulators. But I think cats do come second...

Who's to say that the cat masterminds didn't manipulate us to develop civilization, just so that they could live pampered lives of luxury while we do all the work?

4 you can manipulate me any time.

iammeorami 25

no, just no

Kitty's for life !

RedPillSucks 31


Cats are clever, maybe more so than your mum.. she probably feels intimidated by it ;)

Of course. Haven't you seen it lurking, brooding, plotting? The innocence in its casual strut betrayed by the intent in those sharp eyes. In the dead of night, you sometimes feel that pair of eyes beckoning to you, waiting for you to come closer to your furry demise. One thing is clear; this cat won't sleep until all of humanville becomes its litterbox.

But cats hardy do anything BUT sleep! At least mine don't anyway..

Of course that's what they'd want you to think. Poor, misguided fool.

#15 its waiting, not sleeping

RedPillSucks 31

It the times when they're not asleep that you should be worried.

Wizardo 33

Your mom seems awake, you need to open your eyes, cats are probably the second most evil animals in the world after hamsters.