By reallyupset - 29/11/2011 05:14 - United States

Today, my boyfriend became convinced that I cheated on him, and broke up with me, saying he would "get me back." When I came home, I found his key on my counter and my cat missing. FML
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What douche lord.. Property damage I can sorta understand but pet abduction is not cool.

ikickgingers 15

"I love you enough to bury the body." Run. Now.


LOL what an epic comeback!

That sucks, hopefully you get your cat back. There's few things worse than losing a pet!

Kidnapping someone's pet is against the law, all OP really needs to do is call the cops, give them all of their ex's info and get the jackass arrested.

fromthesuck 8

Yeah except you can't say "my ex took my cat cause he said he'd get me back". For all we know his idea a revenge is leaving the door open long enough for the cat to get out

Or maybe he fucked the cat :)

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or revenge by animal cruelty or taking it to the pound hope u get your cat back I'd be pissed if my bf now did that to my puppy if we broke up coz my puppy's my baby

amanda_say_whutt 9

51- Wow, if losing a pet is the WORSE thing that could happen to you, that's pretty sad.

Agreed, it's not as bad as losing another human life, or that of your children. And if you'd sacrifice your kid for your dog... Well then fuck off and die

Even though he leaves you, he keeps the pussy with him...

79 animals are innocent and some people aren't. So I would think an animals life is more valuable than a rare few people

amanda_say_whutt 9

87- it's a just an animal, sure they are innocent because what can they do ? Go and shot people ? No, yeah I agree there's not so innocent people out there but valuable then a animals life ? Honestly if I had a choice to save a murders life or a dying dog I would choice the human.

Babyseal420 7

Wouldn't it be called Catnapping?

lolthatscute 0

I would choose saving the dog over a human murderer anyday. hell, i would probably save an ant before i would save a murderer. you need to sort out your priorities.

amanda_say_whutt 9

Yeah... I didn't really think that one through too well. Really bad example..

ImFrackinBored 13

Catburgling? O_o

monstaber 6

I would rather lose a pet than get raped or have my mother raped/killed or get my arms and legs amputated or be a 900 pound man with leukemia or grow up in a third world country and die of starvation or be forced to work in a sweat shop.. I guess that's just me.

What douche lord.. Property damage I can sorta understand but pet abduction is not cool.

Carbonation 0

Or being a responsible, mature person and not getting 'revenge' on an assumption works too.

However if there are cold hard facts and undeniable evidence then revenge is the proper route to take.

Same I'd hang him by his fucking balls

Right, because property damage WOULDN'T make him a douche...

Call the cops on that paranoid freak. That nutjob is a candidate for for a rubber room.

ikickgingers 15

"I love you enough to bury the body." Run. Now.

GVirdi 11

Rune forest Run!!

You should get him back by actually cheating on him.

Carbonation 0

Considering they're obviously broken up now, not sure it would be cheating.

nattynatters 14

Considering that he's crazy, five years from now when she's married to someone else he'll still think she's cheating. Op- I would change the locks. Keys can be duplicated.

CondomSense 4

Everything can be boiled down to one solution. Intercourse with said female canine, receive currency.

So you basically just told the OP to go out and fuck some random dude as a petty form of revenge against her ex. Nice.

ikickgingers 15

Fucking profile pics confused me. I thumbed 7 up for no reason. :/

It's okay kicky, I still love ya. I don't like it either....

Mx_Rider 6

call the police, enough said.

Agreed! Call the cops. What a shithead.

GoodLookingGeese 10

Strange people living in NY ;) I would take a TV or the blender instead...

Why a blender?

Man's gotta have his smoothies 58.

GoodLookingGeese 10

Have you ever seen "public enemy" with Will Smith?? a good blender always gives you joy, besides when you put your fingers in..

I think you know what you need to do.... seduce his father and break up his family! He wants the pussy.... he can't handle the pussy!!!