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  FlyingLeumer  |  19

Actually, I began a relationship in middle school, and its still going strong eight years later. Don't make a general sweeping statement. There is a large chance that you could, as in this case, be wrong.

  Wowxoxo  |  17

I'm sure the guy didn't leave her for the money but rather because there were other problems in the relationship and the mom did some convincing..

  coversquirrel  |  8

55- It was 10 dollars to the boyfriend.. 100 dollars to the dad. And by the way you just wrote "if it were 100 dollars dollars.." Because you had the sign and the word.

  MrKento  |  15

I guess there is a lot to blame on to the boyfriend. But I guess that I would also would like to be away from a mother and her daughter that is up for me paying to be away from them. There might be something wrong with her parents, and he shouldn't be near when the freakiest rises above.