By Forever Alone - 03/07/2013 04:26 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I found out that my mom bet my dad $100 that she could pay my boyfriend ten bucks to break up with me. She is now $90 richer. FML
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He's not worth it OP. One day you'll find a guy who finds you more valuable than money.

If your boyfriend accepted to break up with you for 10$, I think your better off alone :s


He's not worth it OP. One day you'll find a guy who finds you more valuable than money.

I'm taking a wild guess and saying OP is in high school or something. High school relationships never last so you'll be fine OP

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Maybee the parents thought he was a doucher?

31 A relative of mine met his wife in freshman year of highschool. So yea, some do last.

Actually, I began a relationship in middle school, and its still going strong eight years later. Don't make a general sweeping statement. There is a large chance that you could, as in this case, be wrong.

Sorry I should've said 99% of high school relationships don't last

Wowxoxo 17

I'm sure the guy didn't leave her for the money but rather because there were other problems in the relationship and the mom did some convincing..

#47 I would say around 75%

If your boyfriend accepted to break up with you for 10$, I think your better off alone :s

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#50 you're an idiot.

If it were $100 dollars id pretend to breakup with you and actually take you out somewhere just to give an extra "in your face" to your parents lol.

55- It was 10 dollars to the boyfriend.. 100 dollars to the dad. And by the way you just wrote "if it were 100 dollars dollars.." Because you had the sign and the word.

I guess there is a lot to blame on to the boyfriend. But I guess that I would also would like to be away from a mother and her daughter that is up for me paying to be away from them. There might be something wrong with her parents, and he shouldn't be near when the freakiest rises above.

While messed up, at least now you know he was a waste of your time. Move along, little doggie. There's more fish in the sea and whatnot.

tanglespet 12

Dodged a bullet with the ex boyfriend. Now, if only problems with the parents were so easily solved...

pataplop 23

Seems to me like you are surrounded by asshats

It seems your mom actually had your best interest at heart. Often, it's hard to see what an asshole someone you're dating really is.

pataplop 23

Yeah she's the perfect example of a loving mother, betting on the relationships errands of her child

FinJage 18

It was a test and the boyfriend failed.

And the mother made 90 bucks out of it. What a loving mother. I'm so jealous right now.

pataplop 23

+1 #57, it was exactly what I wanted to say, unfortunately my sarcasm remained at the state of attempt ^^'

Oh snap. That's cruel. Steal the money and pay your dad the $90 to divorce her.

Talientary 8

Did you attempt to logic while you wrote this?

Yeah because divorce is just that cheap. -_-

I know that :') I was thinking of a way to turn it round wow

You don't understand. OP's parents didn't do anything bad. All they did was prove to OP that she had a shitty boyfriend.

To be honest you're right. Thanks

No, they just bet money on it. But it's perfectly ok

it wasn't a strong relationship, OP. You'll find someone better

Hes an asshole... and as for your mom, I seriously hope the apple DID fall far from the tree in your case, since both your parents partook in that bet.

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Its not real love if they can be paid to seperate from you

It is real love! His love of cash!