By romea244 - 14/08/2011 08:17 - United States

Today, I was working on my new house and I was taking out a large cactus. While picking up the pieces to throw away, I noticed a spider on my forearm. Without thinking, I swiped at the spider with a piece of the cactus. I missed the spider, not my forearm. FML
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spiders. gotta hate those little bitches

glutgyoogle 6

I hate when the spider wins....


spiders. gotta hate those little bitches

Shit what about Tarantulas?! Those fucking dicks are gigantic! -shivers in fear-

Pixxio_O 11

This is a continued fml from when op came home to discover that his house had been destroyed on minecraft...

Jaimegirl 7

Today, I was holding a knife in my right hand, all the sudden my left arm started to itch, I forgot I had a knife. FML

maybe try anti-perspirant repellent ?

It's funny how so many people are completely oblivious to how retarded they are haha

andy_l 14

Moral of the story: don't have fucking cactuses in the house.

androiddestroya 7

ugh... arachnaphobia

ilikesupras 0

you're hot.

HarryMcC 1

I can say I know your pain hope it wasn't a big cactus.

BeastMode5 0

Go back and read the FML honey. -.-

lol. it clearly stats LARGE cactus. what are you !? blind !?

HarryMcC 1

Sorry, I apologise =)

actually it was a piece of a large cactus, so the size is not defined

sxe_beast 11

"I was working on my new house and I was taking out a large cactus." ...I was taking out a LARGE CACTUS. That's indicative of the cactus itself being large.

45, it says after that 'as I wa throwing the pieces away' Dont need to be a jackass.

Ouch! Hope you feel better. Spiders can be a pain in the butt sometimes. :|

Like always...

Always be a pain in the butt...spiders...

glutgyoogle 6

I hate when the spider wins....


You must hate Spiderman.

bawlerr75 9

Well y would you even do that lmfao aha:D that made my day aha

A7X_LoVeee 10

Aha me too aha

bawlerr75 9

It was funny who does that lol but have slammed my hand on the car door while entering the doctors office lol but at least I was already at the doctors so I probably shouldn't be talking. Aha

ImmaB3AST 7

Spider-1, Dumb person trying to beat it with a cactus-0.

Beat it with a cactus . . . maybe that's how the other guy scabbed his penis

ImmaB3AST 7

Jerking too hard with a cactus? That's more than a scab.

bawlerr75 9

Omg yuu have such an amazing smile :)

Ninja spider... Better sleep with one eye open now...

So you ripped off a piece of the cactus and tried (and failed) to hit the spider with it?

ImmaB3AST 7

It says she was picking up prices to throw away.

ImmaB3AST 7

I said that but for some reason it went to a completely different comment. (the one of the guy who moderated this). And I was just like... Fuck it.

dstivers 0

They make items for situations like these. I believe they're called fly swatters. You should look into getting one.

I believe those are for flies.

15- I'm pretty sure you can use them for whatever the fuck you want.

15- I'm pretty sure you can use them for whatever the fuck you want.

Yes as I also carry a flie swatter everywhere I go -.- please don't be stupid.

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A7X_LoVeee 10

Who kills a spider with a fly swatter? -__-

1vdog 0

Butt scratcher?

acquiesce 6