By romea244 - 14/08/2011 08:17 - United States

Today, I was working on my new house and I was taking out a large cactus. While picking up the pieces to throw away, I noticed a spider on my forearm. Without thinking, I swiped at the spider with a piece of the cactus. I missed the spider, not my forearm. FML
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spiders. gotta hate those little bitches

I hate when the spider wins....


spiders. gotta hate those little bitches

Shit what about Tarantulas?! Those fucking dicks are gigantic! -shivers in fear-

This is a continued fml from when op came home to discover that his house had been destroyed on minecraft...

Today, I was holding a knife in my right hand, all the sudden my left arm started to itch, I forgot I had a knife. FML

maybe try anti-perspirant repellent ?

It's funny how so many people are completely oblivious to how retarded they are haha

Moral of the story: don't have fucking cactuses in the house.

ugh... arachnaphobia

I can say I know your pain hope it wasn't a big cactus.

Go back and read the FML honey. -.-

lol. it clearly stats LARGE cactus. what are you !? blind !?

Sorry, I apologise =)

actually it was a piece of a large cactus, so the size is not defined

"I was working on my new house and I was taking out a large cactus." ...I was taking out a LARGE CACTUS. That's indicative of the cactus itself being large.

45, it says after that 'as I wa throwing the pieces away' Dont need to be a jackass.

Ouch! Hope you feel better. Spiders can be a pain in the butt sometimes. :|

Like always...

Always be a pain in the butt...spiders...

I hate when the spider wins....

You must hate Spiderman.

Well y would you even do that lmfao aha:D that made my day aha

Aha me too aha

It was funny who does that lol but have slammed my hand on the car door while entering the doctors office lol but at least I was already at the doctors so I probably shouldn't be talking. Aha

Spider-1, Dumb person trying to beat it with a cactus-0.

Beat it with a cactus . . . maybe that's how the other guy scabbed his penis

Jerking too hard with a cactus? That's more than a scab.

Omg yuu have such an amazing smile :)

Ninja spider... Better sleep with one eye open now...

So you ripped off a piece of the cactus and tried (and failed) to hit the spider with it?

It says she was picking up prices to throw away.

I said that but for some reason it went to a completely different comment. (the one of the guy who moderated this). And I was just like... Fuck it.

They make items for situations like these. I believe they're called fly swatters. You should look into getting one.

I believe those are for flies.

15- I'm pretty sure you can use them for whatever the fuck you want.

15- I'm pretty sure you can use them for whatever the fuck you want.

Yes as I also carry a flie swatter everywhere I go -.- please don't be stupid.

Who kills a spider with a fly swatter? -__-

Butt scratcher?